Hello Reception Class, 

Well we are very nearly at the end of our school year, you should now have found out that your new teacher will be Miss Sowray and she is very excited to get to know you all next year. Last week we started coming to visit you all to deliver your learning journey books, an activity pack and your school report. In your activity pack, you will find lots of activities to try over the holidays and a letter from Miss Sowray with some information all about her. Can you write a letter back to Miss Sowray over the holidays? 

It does make us sad that we haven’t been able to see more of you this summer term but we hope you have had some fun times at home and made some good memories with your families.  

This week’s theme is transport, it has been so great to hear how many of you have learnt to ride your bikes or still trying hard. What is your favourite mode of transport? If you could go anywhere how would you travel? We would love to go in a space shuttle around the world! 

Please do keep sending your messages and photos to reception@eastbierleyprimary.com we love to hear from you.  

Take carebe safe! 

Mrs Clark, Mrs Collins and Miss Senior  

Any learning that you do at home, please take a picture and email it to us at reception@eastbierleyprimary.com or tweet us @eastbierleyPS

Weekly Maths Tasks

Give your child a small cup. Using different sized spoons fill the cup with water. How many small spoons will it take to fill the cup? How many large spoons? 
Play Happy Glass. Talk about the glass being empty and what you need to make the glass full.  
Provide your child with a selection of containers in the bath, sink or paddling pool. Experiment together, showing the bottles and containers as full, half full, empty and overflowing.  
Sit with your child and look out the window or in a quiet spot outside. Count how many vehicles they can see. Sort them in different ways such as: size, colour, etc.  
Ask your child to fetch a selection of their soft toys. Provide them with a range of different boxes (use recycling boxes). Ask them to choose an appropriate sized box for each animal to make into its car. Will a large teddy fit in a small box? 


Weekly Reading Tasks

Sing the nursery rhyme ‘Wheels on the Bus’ with your child. Can they add verses about different modes of transport? What sounds and actions do other kinds of transport make? 
Follow the story The Bus is for Us with your child. Ask them to recall the different types of transport mentioned in the story. 
Tell your child that they’re going on an imaginary journey. What do they need to take? Play the memory game - ‘I packed my bag and in it I put a…’ Take it in turns and keep adding to the list. Each time repeat the whole list.  
During your daily walk discuss with your child the things they see. Ask them to note the different transports. When you get home, ask them to recount the events from your journey in order.  
Listen to ‘The Naughty Bus’. Your child can make a wanted poster for the Naughty Bus.  


Weekly Phonics Tasks

Look around the house and garden. Write labels for the different objects found. Ask your child to read the word (support them if needed) and put each label with the correct object. 
Play Rhyme Racer - collect all the rhyming words. What rhyming words did you find? CHALLENGE: Can you think of some of your own rhyming words? 
If able, your child can have a go at writing some of the tricky words they have been practising reading over the weeks. These include: I, no, go, to, the, into, he, she, me, we, be, into, he, she, me, we, be, you, are, they, my all, he.  
During your daily walk, ask your child to listen to the sounds each mode of transport makes. Discuss the rhythm and volume of each sound.  
Think of different types of transport beginning with each letter of the alphabet e.g. a=aeroplane, b=bike, c=car. 


Weekly Writing Tasks

Ask your child to draw pictures of different types of transport and label them. CHALLENGE: Sort them into water, air and road. 
Your child can make their own road safety poster - Stop, Look, Listen.
Imaginary journey-where would your child go? Why would they go there? What would they do there? They could draw out their imaginary land and label it with describing words. 
Your child can write simple sentences about their daily walk journey. What did they see and hear? Pictures and labels will simplify this if needed.  
Make your very own Naughty Bus and use this to retell the story. Your child could make a different mode of transport as a challenge.  

STEM Learning Opportunities   

Brilliant Boats 

  • Collect different materials from around your house.  Paper, yogurt pots, cereal boxes, tinfoil cake tins.  Which objects make the best boats?  Which boat will carry the most coins or marbles? 

Learning Project - to be completed through the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about transport. Learning may focus on modes of transport, transport in the past, the science behind transport, road safety and how to be safe around water.  


Make Paper Planes 

  • Make paper planes using this guide. Ask your child/ children to come up with a name for their plane and write this on the side. Have a competition to see whose plane will fly the furthest/ highest. You could ask them to create a certificate for the winner. Take a photograph of the winning plane to share your success and upload to Twitter at #TheLearningProject. 


Traffic Lights 

  • Play the traffic light game- Ask your child to help create a set of traffic lights. This could be as detailed or simple as you like. Ask your child to run around the garden/ outdoor space. When you point to a colour on the traffic light they have to do the following: 
  • Red- Stop or freeze where they are 
  • Orange- Walk slowly 
  • Green- Run 

You can extend this by adding in different colours or actions e.g. when you bounce a ball on the ground, they have to jump up and down.  


Origami Boat 

  • Follow the instructions here to make your very own origami boat. You could float these in a paddling pool, in the sink or in the bath. Experiment with filling your boats up with objects, does it still float?


 Follow the instructions - 

  • Give instructions to guide each other around the house/garden i.e. forward two steps, turn left, forward two more steps.  
  • Can you support your child in drawing a map to show the way around the house? CHALLENGE: Work with your child guiding Bee Bot to the flower. Use the arrows and press ‘Go!’ 


Learn to Ride a Bike 

  • Support your child in learning to ride a bike. They could even do an obstacle course to help develop their control or have races to improve their speed.