This Week's Update

Class pages have now been update with Home Learning tasks for Week 12 starting on Monday 29 June - this week's learning project is all about space!

Linked from the menu at the top right of each Week 12 page are some new resources titled Coronavirus and Wellbeing with some excellent activities around mental health

Please follow the links to your class from the main menu.

There are also resources that may be useful on the Home Learning Resources Page

We have also added a resource page "Black Lives Matter" if you would like to discuss current news events with your children

 Our Core Values:

Respect, Courage, Friendship, Forgiveness and Trust

 Statement to live by:

Hope helps me remain positive.



Our school is a very special place where everyone is welcomed. We are friendly and our ethos is often commented on by visitors.

"We are all one big community:we come together all the time." Oran.

"The school has a wonderful environment - it is a fabulous place to learn- and it has a fantastic community spirit." Aiza.

Our aim is to making learning a lifelong passion.  We want the children of our school to be respectful and honest with a sound knowledge of right and wrong and the role they have in our school, local and wider community, both now and in the future.

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