How we worship

We start our school week together as a community in our Collective Worship. In this we introduce our week's Statement to Live By.  These are always on the front page of our website and tweeted via our school Twitter account so you know our week's focus.  Our statement links to the core value we are focusing on for the half term.

'The school’s ‘statements to live by’, which are part of the school’s Christian values, have a profound effect on how pupils live and behave. ' SIAMS report 2019

Children often help lead our whole school worship and we have a changing Collective Worship Team so children have the opportunity to join us. Our Worship continues through the week with a daily act of worship. Our Monday Collective Worship is attended by as many of our school community as possible. Staff and children engage with our worship, joining in and accepting challenges.

Wednesday is our second whole school worship and is Sing and Praise. Children from different classes each week write a prayer to share in this worship that links with the week's statement.  Their prayers are kept in the class prayer books.

Tuesday and Thursday are when we have Class Worship. This gives all children the chance to lead worship in class and to participate actively in worship. Children write prayers each week to share in their class worship.

Our week draws to a close with everyone together for Celebration Worship. This is our chance to celebrate many of our successes and achievements from the week.

For major celebrations and festivals we visit St. Paul's Church in Birkenshaw. Until recently we also attended services at St. Luke's in East Bierley. Our Remembrance Service is held at the East Bierley War Memorial.

Class Reflection

Every class has a Collective Worship board and area in class. Our children understand how to set up our classes and our hall as a sacred place of worship. Our worship is accessible to all and provides opportunity for reflection and quiet as well as the chance to explore feelings and seek answers to Big Questions.

A collection of prayers written by our classes

prayer 1
prayer 8
prayer 2
prayer 6
prayer 3
prayer 7