Dear Reception Class,  

Welcome to a new week. We hope you are all having fun and keeping safe at home. This week our focus is on animals. I have given you some activities linked to the Hungry Caterpillar. Do you know the story? The caterpillar eats and eats and eats his way through the week. What have you been eating at home? Have you tried new foods, I know we have been trying different foods each week.  

Have you tried Kahoot yet? I have set some number and sound quizzes, you just need to look at the picture and choose the correct answer. 

Hopefully the weather will be warm, and you can spend some time outside looking at the signs of spring and new life. 

Don’t forget you can email us on with your work. Have a go and have fun. Do let us know if you are having any problems accessing Spelling Shed, Numbots or Reading Planet. We are looking forward to speaking to you all this week. 

Stay safe, take care and we will see you soon 

Mrs Clark, Mrs Collins and Miss Senior.  

Any learning that you do at home, please take a picture and email it to us at or tweet us @eastbierleyPS

Weekly Maths Tasks

Can you watch The Very Hungry Caterpillar or read it at home and count out how many items of food he ate?

Butterfly doubles. Draw a butterfly and paint some spots on one of the wings. Fold the butterfly over to double the number. What is the number sentence?

Counting to 20. Click here to watch a counting song with numbers to 20, and counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s.  Can you join in with the song and actions? (You can also download the words so an adult can help you learn it!)

KAHOOT! Go to and enter the pins below to play our new quizzes.

Numbers 04868284

2d Shapes 0718073

Missing Numbers 074723

Domino Doubles 0303993

Don’t forget to add your full name in the nickname box so we know you have had a go!

Weekly Reading Tasks

Our theme this week is animals. do you have The Very Hungry Caterpillar at home? If not, you can watch it here. Can you retell the story?

Secret Messages. Write secret notes to each other and leave them around the house, can you read and reply secretly? Maybe you could use your tricky words from Phase 2 and 3.

Reading Planet. You can now register with Reading Planet if you haven’t already. Please bear with us, as we have to allow access and assign books when you have registered. So check back the day after you register!

Weekly Phonics Tasks

Linking to our learning project this week, can you go outside and listen to what sounds you can hear. Can you hear any animals? What about if you go for a walk, do you hear different sounds? Can you make some different animal noises and ask someone to guess what they are?

Letters and Sounds. Using your sound mats please practice your sounds, like we would do in class, saying each sound. Can you write these sounds?

Quickwrite. Can you choose a sound and write as many words with that sound as you can in two minutes? Try with different sounds and tricky words!



Go to and enter the pin below to play our quizzes.

Word Matching 01587526

Phase 3 spellings 08707619

Weekly Writing Tasks

Can you make a shopping list for The Very Hungry Caterpillar? What did he eat? What would you eat if you were The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

Pobble 365. Have a look at the pictures in your learning pack or online here, chose a picture and write a caption or sentence to go with it. I know some of you have been writing about the things you have been doing at home, so you could keep going with that too!

Story Scribing. Can you make up your own story using a toy or a prop. Ask an adult to help you write your own story. (See last week’s learning)

Learning Project - to be completed through the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about key animals they are interested in. Learning may focus on exploring the physical aspects of an animal, their habitat, categorising animals etc.

Read the story, ‘Dear Zoo’ or watch the online video

Visit the book’s website and play the interactive games

Add your own animal into the story and label it e.g. So they sent me a...hedgehog, but he was too I sent him back.

Choose a soft toy animal or small animal figure and create a junk modelled container for it.

Identify the birds in your garden

Use the RSPB bird identifier website

Draw a picture of the birds you can see.

Play animal charades

Take it in turns to act as different animals. Add in noises as a clue…

Learn the song, ‘The Animals Went in Two by Two’

Ask your child to draw out two of each animal and practice writing the numeral 2.

Looking after your pet

If you have a pet at home encourage your child to take part in their daily care. They could help feed, groom and clean up after your pet.

Big and small animals

Draw as many big animals as you can on one piece of paper and as many small animals as you can on another sheet of paper. Some children may be able to write a list as an alternative.

Find all of the animal books in your house

Ask your child to look through the books in your house and to find any with animals on the front cover. Ask them to sort the books into groups of their choice e.g. animals that can fly, swim, big, small, live on a farm/ at the zoo.

Create an animal den

Provide your child with blankets and sheets to make an animal den. Act out being an animal in the den.