Online Safety

We teach children how to stay safe online during lessons throughout the year and with a detailed focus on it during Internet Safety Day.  If necessary, we adapt our curriculum to ensure children develop a deeper understanding of the importance to stay safe.  This has included creating an English unit in year 6 about mobile phones and internet use.


We work with our local High School - BBG Academy - learning about staying safe online. They work with the children in Year 6.

How you can help at home

This is an important aspect of the curriculum  and one where it is critical that we work closely with parents and carers. Below are some links you may find useful to look at with your child or to help you support your child.

Think U Know:

NSPCC Online Safety:

Internet Matters:

UK Safer Internet Centre:

Cyber Aware:

Common Sense Media:

Protect Young Eyes:





If you wish to discuss any aspect with us at school, please make an appointment.

By Abigail Y5

Online Safety Reminders 12.10.17