Dear Reception Class,

It was so wonderful to speak to many of you last week, we just wanted to say how proud we are of you all, trying so hard with activities we have given you and making up your own learning and fun. We are all really missing you all and missing being in school. I know many of you are keeping in touch with your friends and that is fantastic. Keep doing what you are doing and keep smiling! If you feel that your child may be finding it difficult to understand the current situation there is a great video available on iPlayer, with Dr Ranj and Jobi from CBeebies, explaining Coronavirus in a child friendly way.

This weeks activities are focused on the environment and the weather. Can you keep a record of the weather we have this week? There are lots of other science activities to have a look at too.  I have added one new Kahoot as I know lots of you have had fun playing these quizzes. If you haven't yet had a go, try it this week!

I know so many of you are trying hard with your phonics and this term we would have recapping lots of our sounds to make sure we knew exactly how to use them. Fortunately for us there are some great new videos to help you keep learning and applying your phonic sounds. Click here to watch an introduction video then follow the reception lesson links here. If you think you need a little more help you can revisit some of our earlier sounds and activities here. There are new lessons posted every day and you can revisit different videos as and when you choose to, you can also subscribe to the channel and get notifications of new lessons. It’s a great way to remember all the work we have already done in class!

Don’t forget you can email us on with your work. Have a go and have fun. Do let us know if you are having any problems accessing Spelling Shed, Numbots or Reading Planet. We are looking forward to speaking to you all this week.

Stay safe, take care and we will see you soon

Mrs Clark, Mrs Collins and Miss Senior.

Any learning that you do at home, please take a picture and email it to us at or tweet us @eastbierleyPS

Weekly Maths Tasks

Numberblocks. Play the Numberblocks add and subtract quiz.

Numbers Write out the digits 0 – 9 and up to 20 if you can. Check your formation.

Ten Frame. Click here to play a game using counters and a ten frame. You can practise recognising amounts up to five or up to ten by playing these games. You might need an adult to help you, listen to the instructions and click on the counters. There are different challenges down the side, so don’t forget to click on those too. If you don’t have a computer or access to the internet, you can make your own ten frame and make your own counters. Challenge your self to make different numbers and add together two lots.

KAHOOT! Go to and enter the pins below to play our new quizzes.

1 more 1 less 07914905

Numbers 04868284

2d Shapes 0718073

Missing Numbers 074723

Domino Doubles 0303993

Don’t forget to add your full name in the nickname box so we know you have had a go!

Weekly Reading Tasks

Try to read a little bit every day. This might be your school reading book, books at home, signs and things you see around you.

This week at home we have been reading about different animals, using the internet to find out information. We read about Sea Turtles and Peregrine Falcons. many of the words were decodable and we had a good go at sounding unfamiliar words out.

Reading Planet. You can still register and access Reading Planet online. Please bear with us, as we have to allow access and assign books when you have registered. So check back the day after you register! If you have any problems you can email us straight away.

Sea Turtle

Weekly Phonics Tasks

Daily Phonics. Choose a letter set (Click here for list) and practice saying the sound, then writing each letter. Can you think of a word that begins with each of those sounds?

Tricky Words. Using your tricky word mat, can you play quickwrite and write as many tricky words as possible. Challenge yourself to use a tricky word in a sentence.

Alphabet Sounds. Each letter makes a sound and there are 44 sounds (see above challenge) but we only have 26 letters in the alphabet. We call these letters the letter names. In class when we practise the sounds we say ‘The sound is a, its name is A’. Using your sound mats can you talk about the names of the letter sounds? Watch this video to see the letter names!

Sing the song, ‘Incy, Wincy Spider’ and add in the rain sounds using your rainmaker (from the learning project below).


Go to and enter the pin below to play our quizzes.

Word Matching 01587526

Phase 3 spellings 08707619

Weekly Writing Tasks

Name Writing. Can you practice writing your name? Can you include your middle name(s) and your last name? Maybe you could make a family tree of the all the people in your house? Can you write their names?

Alphabet. Can you practise writing the alphabet letters in upper case? A B C D E saying the names for each letter as you write? (See phonics activity!)

Tricky Words. Ask your child to write out the tricky words they are working on at the moment on pieces of paper and turn them into a pairs game.

We have noticed lots of litter when we have been out walking, Can you create a poster to remind people to put rubbish in the bin?

Learning Project - to be completed through the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about the environment. Learning may focus on changes to different environments, the impact of humans on environments, climate change etc .

Create a daily weather chart: Record using pictures and written labels (where appropriate). How has the weather changed over the week?

If it is raining, leave a container outside to collect the rain e.g. a water bottle with the funnel cut off. Draw a line or make a mark to show where the rain came up to. Repeat overnight or the next day and compare your results.

Recycling/ Exploring Materials: Provide your child with a selection of packaging to sort into groups to recycle. Can they identify plastic, paper, card, metal.

Create your own rain cloud: Use a plastic container with a lid (e.g. a water bottle) and make small holes on one side. You could stick on cotton wool to decorate. Fill the container with water and watch as the water drips out.

Weather sounds (Rainmakers): Provide your child with either a plastic container, bottle or other junk modelling item. Pour in a spoon or two of rice or lentils and secure with a bottle lid or sellotape. Decorate with stickers, glitter and sequins if you have them available. Have fun exploring making rain sounds.


Ice: Watch ‘Frozen- In Summer’. Discuss with your child what they think will happen to Olaf when it gets warm. Support your child to fill up ice cube trays or plastic containers, if ice cube trays are not available, and freeze. Once frozen, take them out and explore how quickly they melt: in your hands, in the fridge, on the windowsill and when blown with the hairdryer.

Search on Google Maps for the UK. Discuss with your child the colour of the land and sea. Scroll up to look at the Arctic. Discuss why the land looks different in the Arctic, because the land is covered in snow and ice. Discuss the differences in temperature in the UK and the Arctic. Look at a picture of an igloo on google.

Fill an ice cube tray with water and when frozen take out and support your child to create their own igloo out of the ice cubes.