Welcome to Year One


Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please come to school on these days dressed in your PE kit. Please also ensure long hair is tied back and earrings are removed or covered before school.


You will shortly receive log in details for our online learning platforms. Homework will be set weekly on Spelling Shed and MyMaths. Please also continue to access Numbots and work through the levels to increase recall of key number facts. These platforms are most effective when completed in short bursts throughout the week.

Reading books will also be sent home. Please ensure you comment within your child’s reading record and bring books into school in bookbags each day as we will also be reading these books with adults in school.

Class Teacher

Miss S Sowray
Miss S Sowray

Class Agreement

Summer 2

Wow! I cannot believe we are in the final half-term of Year 1 already. To end our year, our learning will take place around the topic of Animals.

In English, we will be reading a range of books and texts based on animals and will use these to inspire some super narrative and non-fiction writing. We will focus on writing more extended pieces, ensuring our sentences are demarcated with the correct punctuation and that the sentence are sequenced in a logical order.

In Maths, we will begin to understand multiplication and division, using lots of practical resources to help build up our understandings. Within this, we will also discuss the concepts of doubling and halving. We will also be covering fractions, money and time before securing our understanding of place value with numbers to 100.

In our topic lessons, we will begin by learning about humans. We will learn about parts of the human body and our senses and will take a look at our own life-cycles. We will then learn about the different animal groups and sort animals into mammals, birds, amphibians, fish and reptiles. We will also discuss animals in terms of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We will use Venn diagrams to help us to classify and sort animals in various ways.

Summer 1

Summer 1

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are ready for some more super learning!

This half term we will begin our History/ Geography topic of Explorers. Through this topic we will learn about significant events beyond living memory and about significant explorers in history including Neil Armstrong, Valentina Tereshkova and Christopher Columbus. We will also continue to develop our locational knowledge in Geography and will locate and name the 7 continents of the world.

Also linking to this theme, we will base our English learning around the book, ‘Man on the Moon’ and will imagine what it would be like to explore space. We will also read a range of stories and texts, both fiction and non-fiction, linked to space travel and aliens.

In maths, we will continue to embed our strategies for addition and subtraction to help solve problems involving numbers with 50. We will also carry out lots of measuring and learn about weight, volume, height and length.

We are really looking forward to this half-term and cannot wait to get going!

Miss Sowray, Miss Bray and Mrs Price

Spring 2

We move onto our new topic of Plants this half-term. We will learn the names of a variety of common plants, including trees and will be able to label their basic parts. We will also learn the functions of each of these parts. We will discuss the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees and will identify some of these trees in our local environment. Perhaps most exciting is that we will be growing our very own beanstalks and will carry out an experiment to see where cress will grow the best.

This topic will also lead a lot of our English learning this half-term. We will be reading various versions of Jack and the Beanstalk and will rewrite our own versions of the story. We continue to develop our abilities to write in full sentences – ensuring we include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in the correct places. We will also write instructions so others know how we planted our beanstalks.

In Maths, we will now be applying our knowledge of number, addition and subtraction to numbers up to 50. We will learn to partition numbers into tens and ones and write these as additions and subtractions. We will also learn to count in steps of 2,5 and 10 to help us count grouped objects more efficiently.

In our Enrichment time this half-term we will develop our knowledge of colour mixing. We will learn to mix secondary and tertiary colours and use our new skills to match colours to objects and images.

In computing we will be learning key words such as algorithm and decomposition and apply these to unplugged activities.

In Music, our theme is Round and Round. Within this we will discuss key musical terms and will have the opportunity to compose our own rhythms using untuned instruments and the glockenspiels.

Please continue to read daily with your child at home and ensure you write in reading logs. We will be continuing to learn some more of the Phase 5 alternative sounds this half-term.

We look forward to all the new learning ahead,

Miss Sowray, Miss Bray and Mrs Price

Spring 1

A very happy new year to you all! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and are feeling refreshed ready for some more exciting learning this half-term.

We will be both historians and geographers over the next 7 weeks. We will begin by learning all about our Queen and her significance in history. As part of this we will also apply and continue to develop our knowledge of the UK by taking a look at where the Queen lives in London and the surrounding landmarks. This learning will also be continued within our English lessons where we will try to help the Queen locate her missing hat! Later in the half-term, we will also learn about the four seasons and how these affect the weather and how some animals hibernate during the winter months.

In our Enrichment time this half-term we will be learning about healthy eating and will develop some key food preparation skills.

In maths we will develop our understanding of teen numbers and use this knowledge to help complete additions and subtractions. We will also be learning our number bonds to 20.

Please continue to read daily with your child at home and ensure you write in reading logs. We will be continuing to learn some more of the Phase 5 alternative sounds this half-term.

Our PE days this term will be a Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit, with appropriate footwear. Please can long hair be tied back and earrings removed or covered prior to arrival at school.

We look forward to getting going with this new learning.

Autumn 2

Wow! What a super first half-term we had! We are so proud of how you have settled into and tackled the new learning in Year 1. There will be plenty of new learning this half-term too as we make our way towards Christmas!

As well as our Maths and English learning this half-term, we will be exploring both a Science and Geography topic. In Science, we will explore a range of everyday materials and will talk about their suitability for different jobs in terms of their properties. In Geography, we will begin by exploring key human and physical features in East Bierley before looking at where Braford lies in the UK. We will learn the names of each country in the UK and the waters which surround them. We will also be exploring a range of printing techniques in Art and perfecting our sewing skills in DT. Plenty to keep us busy!

We will also begin the next phase of phonics (phase 5) which will introduce alternative graphemes and pronunciations for sounds and letters we already know.

We are looking forward to another successful and enjoyable half-term.


Remember that homework is set each Friday, with a summary of the online platforms and an extra learning task posted on Teams. Please ensure homework is completed by the following Friday and feel free to attach any images of learning completed as we like to share these together in class.

We also ask that you write a short comment in your child’s reading log when they have read at home.


PE is on Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit, with appropriate footwear. Please can long hair be tied back and earrings removed or covered prior to arrival at school. This ensures a smooth transition into PE.

Autumn 1

A big welcome to Year 1! We cannot wait to start our learning journey together. We will spend this half-term settling into the next key stage of school and will continue to learn through a balance of adult-led activities and provision-based learning.

Our first topic is ‘The History of Shopping’. We will begin by discussing what is meant bv ‘the past’ and will look at changes to shopping within living memory and how shopping has changed since our parents and grandparents were younger. This will involve the increase of technology and the rise of supermarkets. We will have our own role play shop in class for the children to explore and will later change this into our very own toy shop as we discuss how toys have changed over time. See the knowledge organiser for key learning included in our topic.

Phonics is a key focus this year in order to ensure children are confident to blend and recognise words independently. The children will receive copies of sounds and key words which should be practiced at home on a regular basis to increase their fluency when reading.

In Maths, we will strengthen our knowledge of numbers to 10 using a range of representations. We will also begin to use the language of  greater than, less than and equal and their symbols to compare amounts.

We look forward to getting to know you all and are sure we will have a super year.