Welcome to Year Three


Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday. Children will need to arrive in their PE kit on the day. Please can we ask hair is tied up and no jewellery is worn on these days.


Homework will be set on teams on a Friday and is due in the following Friday. Weekly homework will be set on MyMaths, Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars. One or two weekly tasks will be set on MyMaths. These activities will reinforce the skills being taught in class. Spelling Shed activities will be set each week and these will reinforce spelling patterns being taught in school. For TT Rockstars, please can children complete 5 garage, 2 studio and 1 soundcheck game each week. A little and often approach is best for Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars: it’s much better to play 5 or 10 minutes per night than do one hour for one night a week.

Homework is a great opportunity for children to revisit key number facts and increase their confidence and fluency as well as reinforcing skills taught in school. Please encourage children to complete as much homework as they can.

In addition to the usual online platforms, I will also be setting an additional learning challenge on Teams which will link to current learning. This might be a quiz, a video to watch or a task to complete. Any work related to this can be sent back through the assignment on Teams – similar to work set during working-at-home. The children will be shown in class as a reminder on how to access the homework.

We are excited for all the learning and enjoyment we are sure to have this year.

Class Teacher

Mr C Sharp
Mr C Sharp

Class Agreement

Summer 2

Hello Year 3! Can you believe that these are your final few weeks left before we break up for the summer? This is always a super fun half term with May Day, Sports Day, Transition Day and lots of visitors coming in to work with you. Plus we have our trip to Tropical World to look forward to. As well as all of the fun activities planned, we have lots to get through in our curriculum before you end your time in Year 3. Mrs Sneddon and Mrs Moxon will take over for the final few weeks so you can get to know them even more before Year 4! 

In English we will be using the text Arthur and the Golden Rope to develop our summarising and prediction skills and to also become fictional writers so that we can capture your ideas and growing vocabulary! How are your persuasion skills? We will be helping you to learn how to write a persuasive text to encourage people to visit some amazing landmarks of the world! You will learn all about these in geography. Do you know any well-known global landmarks? We can’t wait to share our favourites with you! 

As always, we will continue to learn to play the recorder, learn even more in maths such as developing our understanding of telling the time further, and carry out lots of discussion work in PSHE such as how we can spot risks and hazards at home and when we are out and about. We will also explore the Jewish faith in more detail in R.E. 

Our new science topic is all about light. Do you know the difference between man-made and natural light sources? Do you know how light travels and how we are able to see all of the things around us? What is the science behind shadows? We will learn the answers to all of these questions plus so much more and we will even have the chance carry out some experiments too to feel like real scientists!  

Summer 1

Hello children, parents and families of Year 3! 

A remarkably short but jam-packed few weeks await us this half-term! 

In maths, children will continue their work on fractions looking at equivalent fractions before learning how to add and subtract fractions. Children with strong times table recall facts find it easier to spot patterns during work on fractions so please do keep going on TT Rockstars for between 5 and 10 minutes a night!

In English, children will complete some story-writing before learning how to write letters. Reading continues to be a focus throughout school: it’s been really pleasing to see the array of different books brought in from home which are being enjoyed in school. Children also have a wide choice of books to read from in class and from the school’s library should they wish to. Reading to and listening to children read for 10 minutes a day is a great way to continue the development of reading at home. 10 minutes of Spelling Shed to practise the week’s spelling pattern is also useful so please keep doing this when you can.

In Science, children will complete learning about healthy eating and the human body before beginning to learn all about plants. Children will build on their learning from Year 1 to learn about food chains as well as about the different functions of each part of a plant. Words like photosynthesis will make an appearance!

Our DT this half-term allows children to reflect on history learning as they will use construction skills to design and make a model replica of a bronze age roundhouse. We shall also be doing some work to design and create ribbons in preparation for our May Day Dance!

As well as all this, important learning continues to take place in RE (What is spirituality?) and we have a new upbeat song to learn in Music which has a brand new recorder part to learn. Remember: music lessons are on Tuesdays so please bring recorders in on this day. 

Thank you all for your continued support. It’s been a delight to welcome the children back into class after the Easter break. Here’s to a productive half-term!

Spring 2

Hello all!Welcome to Spring 2 in Year 3! A very exciting, creative and practical half-term awaits!

In maths this half-term, we shall begin lots of work on fractions! We shall be finding equivalent fractions as well as fractions of objects and numbers. A secure knowledge and understanding of times tables really helps when working with fractions so please keep practising on Times Tables Rockstars – 5 minutes a night would be great!

In English this half-term, we shall be doing some poetry all about Peace and Pancakes (a nice link to Shrove Tuesday although a week later!). After this, we will be doing some more narrative work based around our current story: The Last Bear. As with Varjak Paw, The Last Bear is proving a popular novel to read in class. It was very pleasing in class to see lots of sequels to Varjak Paw being read once the first book had been finished as our class novel. Should children want to read more books by the same author of The Last Bear, Hannah Gold, The Last Whale is due to be released on 31st March and will no doubt be another excellent read!Speaking of reading, please do keep reading with your child once a day. It’s been fantastic to see so many full reading records in school! Spelling Shed for 5 minutes a day will also help children learn spelling rules which are taught in school. Spelling Shed also provides opportunities to revise spelling rules taught in previous year groups.

In Science this half-term, we shall be learning all about skeletons and healthy eating. From this, we shall do some design and technology work based around food. Children will learn about the importance of food hygiene and a balanced diet as well as develop cutting, measuring and cooking skills. 

Our artwork this half-term will be focused on modelling: children will be using materials such as newspaper, bubblewrap and cardboard to create “shells” which will then be covered in mud-rock before being painted. I wonder what the children will create…..

Thank you for all your continued support! Please do keep reading at home, practicing spellings and times tables!

Spring 1

Hello everyone!Welcome back to Year 3 and the Spring Term – one of my absolute favourite terms over the whole year!

In maths this half-term, we shall be continuing with our learning around multiplication and division. We shall be developing our understanding of multiplying by multiples of 10 (I know 3 X 4 = 12 so 3 X 40 = 120, for example) before learning how to multiply two digit numbers by one digit numbers. A real key skill for this is good times table recall. Please do keep practicing times tables at home on TT Rockstars as this will really help.

In English this half-term, children shall be learning how to write a set of instructions before doing some story-writing based around the story Stig Of The Dump. We shall continue learning new spelling patterns so do keep accessing Spelling Shed when you can. Children also have words set from the Year 1 and 2 Spelling List in order to revise spellings.

In History, we are learning about how Britain changed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Children will learn what life was like for the early humans in Britain and explore a range of changes from housing, farming and food across the period right up until the Romans invaded! In Science, we are learning all about Rocks and Fossils. We will explore different types of rocks, how rocks are formed and experiment with different rocks and their properties. Our Music learning this week takes us to the wonderful Reggae music of Bob Marley. Children have begun learning Three Little Birds already (a song some might remember from home-learning last year) and we shall combine our recorder playing with this too. Our RE learning this half-term will lead us to think about where our food comes from today and how we can support sustainable farming and food supply across the world.

Thank you all so much for your continued support! Please keep practicing times tables, accessing Spelling Shed and listening to your child read for 10 minutes an evening.

Many thanks once more.

Autumn 2

Welcome back to Year 3 for another half-term of learning!In Maths this half-term, we shall continue our learning on addition and subtraction before moving on to multiplication and division. Please do keep encouraging children to practise times tables using TT Rockstars at home. By the end of Year 3, children are expected to be able to know and recall the multiplication and division facts for the 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x tables.  

In Geography, we shall do some work on locational knowledge as well as investigate the difference between human and physical features. Children will learn about British cities and counties as well as some of the countries on the continent too. As well as this, we shall be using Ordnance Survey maps to locate familiar locations. 

In Science, we shall be investigating forces and magnets. Children will learn about the different poles of magnets and investigate magnetic materials.  

In English this half-term, we shall be writing letters as part of our work around Remembrance Day. We shall then look to write a non-chronological report to go alongside our Geography learning before using direct speech and descriptive writing to produce a short story. Spelling Shed homework will continue to be set so do keep practising. If all the work has been completed, children can access the Stage 3 and 4 lists (as well as Stage 1 and 2 for revision!) should they wish to. As well as listening to children read at home for between 10 and 15 minutes a day, taking time to read to children is also beneficial. 

Thank you for all your continued support! 

Autumn 1

Welcome to the first half-term in Year 3! We are looking forward to lots of enjoyable times, excellent learning and a really positive school year with you all.

This half-term, our first main topic will be history based around The Victorians. After looking at the life of Queen Victoria, children will investigate how transport changed across the era, how people moved from countryside to the cities and what life was like for children at this time. Some of our investigations will also look at the local area including a former coal pit at Toftshaw. I wonder if anyone knows where this is?

In Science, later in the half-term, we will investigate Light and Shadows. We will investigate how light travels, how the levels of light change throughout the day as well as looking at how we can change the size and shape of shadows too!

Our maths learning this half-term will be mainly based on place value, addition and subtraction. Place Value is all about hundreds, tens and ones. We will be looking at different representations of three-digit numbers (1,000 is the largest number we look at in Year 3) as well as comparing and ordering. TT Rockstars homework will be set weekly. Learning our times tables is really important: it makes solving problems quicker and is a skill that can be applied across the curriculum. MyMaths homework will also be set weekly: this will be an activity which is closely linked to the maths learning which has occurred in class to reinforce the learning.

In English, we shall be writing character descriptions and a diary from the view of a child working in a coal mine and down the mills. (Wait. Children worked down the mines and in mills?!!?!) We’ll be looking at expanded noun phrases (two adjectives then a noun), conjunctions (words such as because, as, if, when, although) as well as beginning to write in paragraphs. Spelling Shed homework will be set weekly to reinforce the spelling pattern learned in school. Listening to your child read daily and reading to your child as well are great ways to develop reading at home too.

As well as all this, we shall start using sketchbooks in art, recorder lessons in music, begin learning a new language and start learning some new games and skills in PE! A full and enjoyable half-term awaits!

Thank you all for your continued support,