Hello Reception Class.

We hope you are all keeping busy and having fun. This should be the first week of our final term in Reception and even though we haven’t seen many of you for a few weeks now, I am so proud of how you are all keeping busy at home and having a go at some of the tasks we have been giving you.

I am going to keep this letter short this week as I have asked my good friend Olaf to write us a little song. Click here to listen!

Stay safe, take care and we will see you soon.

Mrs Clark, Mrs Collins and Miss Senior.

Any learning that you do at home, please take a picture and email it to us at reception@eastbierleyprimary.com or tweet us @eastbierleyPS

Weekly Maths Tasks

Tens Frame- Use this tens frame to practise making different amounts. Or, you can practice making amounts to 10 using different objects from the garden e.g. leaves.
Numerals- Can you practice writing the numerals to 10 and then up to 20 if you can? You could do this in chalk in the garden, using felt tips, crayons. If you find this tricky and sometimes the numbers jump around, watch this great  video which uses your other hand to help form the numbers
Counting- Have a go at these counting games Ladybird Spots-Counting, Matching and Ordering Game.
Garden Trail -  Make a garden trail using arrows made from sticks. Can you follow the trail and talk about the directions you need to talk? This could be done on your walk.
Teddy Bear Counting - Use a teddy and count forwards and backwards making deliberate mistakes. Can your child spot the mistakes? Mistakes can include omitted numbers, repeated numbers or a number in the wrong place. CHALLENGE: Ask your child to spot the mistake when the numbers are written down.


Weekly Reading Tasks

Go Jetters- Watch Go Jetters: Amazon Rainforest. Can you remember where the tree frog was found? What sound did it make? Which rainforest insect steals the picnic? What happens when the tree frogs aren’t there to eat the ants?
Chocotreat- Help your child to look through cookery books or online for a recipe involving cocoa/chocolate. If you have the ingredients, make the sweet treat!
Super Story- Can you use pictures from a familiar story book to make up your own story or retell your favourite story?
Listen online- Enjoy listening to online stories together including: Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth and The Tiger Who Came To Tea.
Tricky Words- Can you read these tricky words: I, no, go, to, the, into, he, she, me, we, be.  Try writing them on a piece of paper or a sticky note.

CHALLENGE: Can you find these tricky words in the stories you are reading?


Weekly Phonics Tasks

Scavenger hunt- Go find different things around the house/garden. Can you segment each word into sounds i.e. c-u-p (cup), b-e-d (bed) t-ea (tea), ch-air (chair)? Have a go at writing these words.
Amazing Animals- Can you think of words to describe the rainforest animals? Can you make each word start with the same letter (alliteration) i.e. mad, munching monkey or large, loving lion.
Phonics- Daily Phonics - Can you practise the sounds you have been working on (phase 2/3) and blend words? This can be oral blending (e.g. spoken out loud a-n-t) or written.
I Spy- Play ‘I Spy in the Rainforest’. ‘I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with t’.

CHALLENGE: Change it to ‘I spy, with my little eye, my word includes the digraph ee’ - ‘Tree’.

Word Machine- Play the Word Machine - Can you read each word carefully? Match the correct word to the picture. If you get it right, you will hear a clap. Click ‘Next’ and have a go at another word.

Weekly Writing Tasks

Rainforest Animal - Say or write a list of all the animals you would find in the rainforest.

CHALLENGE: Can your child think of an animal for each letter of the alphabet e.g. a=alligator, b=bird.

Rainforest Senses- Talk about the rainforest with your child and ask: What can you see? What can you hear? Can you  draw a picture of the rainforest and write a sentence about what you can see or hear? Watch these videos to explore the rainforest.

National Geographic

BBC Bitesize

Virtual Reality Rainforest

Letter formation- Login in to Letterjoin and practise the phonics sounds.
The Tiger who came to Tea- Using the story The Tiger Who Came To Tea, can you draw a picture of the tiger and label the picture using words to describe him e.g. stripy fur, sharp teeth.
Rainforest Animals - Ask your child to create a rainforest animal mask then talk about the sounds that different animals make. CHALLENGE: Can they write a sentence to describe the animal e.g.  I like the monkey. He is cheeky. He jumps in the trees.

STEM Learning Opportunities

Rainforest Materials

A rainforest has lots of tall trees and grows in warm countries that have a lot of rain. People use the wood from the trees to make paper and furniture.  They also take lots of ingredients like sugar and oil to make food. Here you can find a list of food and ingredients that grow in rainforests.

What plants can we find in the garden? Can you name the different parts of a plant? Stem, leaves, branches, roots, flower? Try using some of the material found in your garden to make something useful. For example, a nature paint brush.

Learning Project - to be completed through the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about the world’s rainforests. Learning may focus on the plants, animals and insects that inhabit the rainforest, food that originates there and weather patterns. It could look at plants and animals that can be found in the garden too.

Which Animals Live in the Rainforest?

Watch this video about animals in the rainforest. Can you talk about some of the animals that live in the rainforest? Can you remember any facts? Can you describe the animals?.

Can you make your own explorers outfit (e.g. binoculars, sunhat, backpack) and head out to the garden or on your daily walk? What creatures can you find? Are they similar to any you might see in the rainforest? Take photographs.

Draw a Picture of a Rainforest Animal on the Computer

Can you draw a picture of a rainforest animal? Can they use computing software to recreate their picture? Try Paint.

Play the Animal Jungle Quiz

Listen to the clues. Can you match the clue to the correct animal?

Click here to create your own jungle. Drag the animals onto the picture. Where do you think the animals should go? Why? i.e. on the ground, in the trees…

Make a Collage of a Rainforest Animal

Use collage to create your own rainforest animal using recycled materials from around the house. Share your finished creation to inspire others on Twitter at #TheLearningProjects.

Make an Animal Home

Create an animal home e.g. a bug hotel using things from the garden. Use a plastic tub or cardboard box. Ask your child what the animal will need in the home in order to survive.