Welcome to Year Four

Welcome back Year 4! We are so excited to get our new year off to a start and hope you are ready for new challenges and an exciting and busy half term ahead!

Key things to remember:

Please bring your recorders to school on Mondays.

Please come to school in your P.E kits on Tuesdays and Fridays and make sure that earrings have been removed before school and that long hair is tied up.

Swimming will take place on Tuesdays (from 13th September) so please remember to bring your swim bag. We will need to set off at 9am prompt.


My Maths, TTRockstars and Spelling Shed will be set weekly and these should be accessed throughout the week. We will also be setting extra tasks for you to complete to help you with your learning in other areas of the curriculum. These extra tasks are set for the whole half term so you do not need to complete them right away (just check the due date!). We would love for you to share your work with us and we look forward to seeing what you get up to at home! We will share these with the children on the first day back and these will be shared in the 'assignments' section.

Do remember to read every day too!

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Autumn 1

Our learning this half term:

In English with Mrs Sneddon, we will be reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and creating lots of writing based on the main character. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on the main character and whether these change throughout the story. Mrs Sneddon’s certainly did! With Mrs Moxon, we will be reading The Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom, a heart-warming story of a young boy's search for friendship and acceptance. We will also use this book as a basis for PSHE lessons.

You will have definitely heard about the Vikings through regularly singing Viking Rock in singing but what about the Anglo-Saxons? In history, we will learn about these two different time periods in detail and how each of these groups managed to invade and settle in Britain after the Romans. We will learn all about why they chose Britain, how they got here, how they invaded and what life became like here in Britain once they settled. Do you think there will be any key similarities or differences compared to how we live today?

We will start our year off in maths with making sure we are confident with 4-digit numbers and begin to use these numbers to develop our calculation skills. We will practise our times tables lots too! Please make sure you log in to your TTRockstars as regularly as you can. Little and often will really help you get speedy with your times tables – a super important skill in Year 4!

In Science we will be exploring a variety of ways to identify, sort, group and classify living things. We will learn how animals are split into 'vertebrates' and 'invertebrates' and begin to consider the differences between living things within these classifications. We will use and create classification keys to group, identify and name living things from the local habitat and beyond. This unit also introduces children to the idea that environments are subject to human-made and natural changes, and that these changes can have a significant impact on living things. Throughout the unit children work scientifically by gathering, recording and presenting information in different ways.

In R.E we will explore the theme of ‘What words of wisdom can guide us?’ and in Latin, we will continue to “Meet the Family” (using our Latin names of course!) and maybe find a few more names for the animals we have. We will make a start on our new sketch books in art and continue learning lots more skills in computing.