Hello everyone.  

We hope you are all doing great and having lots of fun at home. We’d love to see what you have been up to so don’t forget to email us in class on reception@eastbierleyprimary.com! 

This week our focus is Famous and Significant People and in school we will be looking at books by the same author which we have talked about before. Think about Julia Donaldson or Lydia Monks and have a look to see if you have any books by these authors at home 

We are also going to be talking about important people. Can you talk with a grown up at home about important or famous people and think about why they are famous or important? Last week I watched the American Space Rocket fly into space with two American astronauts on board, it was fantasticCan you find out about other important people who have been to space? 

For maths, can you create a number story (see mine below) and draw some pictures to go with it?  

When Jack climbed up the beanstalk, he crept into the giant’s castle. Inside the castle, he found 3 golden eggs and 2 coins. How many things did Jack find? 

These are different and more challenging examples of number stories too which you may find inspire you to create some similar ones!

Mrs Collins had lots of fun in the sunshine last week collecting things from nature that could be used to paint with. Could you have a go at this at home? Mrs Collins used some long grass and flowers dipped in powder to paint to create this lovely picture.  

There are some new Kahoots which you might like to try too:

Under the Sea Addition 01224432
Number Bonds 01783122
Tricky Words 01712437
Missing Sounds 05667457

Take care, stay safe, have fun 

Mrs Clark, Mrs Collins and Miss Senior 

Any learning that you do at home, please take a picture and email it to us at reception@eastbierleyprimary.com or tweet us @eastbierleyPS

Weekly Maths Tasks

Practice counting on from any given number. You may wish to write a set of number cards from 1-20, choose a card and then count on from that number e.g. 7, 8, 9... / 12, 13, 14... 
Play this online adding machine game. You may also wish to use objects around the house or toys to help with adding 2 numbers up to 20 (e.g. What are 6 yellow blocks add 5 green blocks) 
Watch Numberblocks (clip 1) to support with adding. You can also click on clip 2 or  clip 3.  
Generate your own addition number stories: First, there are 3 people on the bus. Then, 2 more people get on the bus. How many people are on the bus? Now there are 5 people on the bus. What if 3 more people got on? 
Make a pretend shop using items from the kitchen cupboard. Ask your child to pretend to be the shopkeeper and do different things such as sell the food, sort it into groups such as types of food, sizes, weights etc.  


Weekly Reading Tasks

Ask your child to think about their favourite books and read one of them together. Find out about the famous authors and encourage your child to think about why they like these books? 
Read stories written by the famous author, Julia Donaldson.

You can also listen to them if you click on the following links: Room on the Broom / Gruffalo 

Ask your child to draw pictures showing what happened at the beginning, middle and the end of Room on the Broom or The Gruffalo. Or choose a different story.  
Ask your child questions about the books that you have shared- Who are the main characters? How are the characters feeling? Who is your favourite character? Why? What did you like/dislike about this story?  
Your child can continue to read a story from the free eBook library at Oxford Owl or Reading Planet  


Weekly Phonics Tasks

Sound Sprint - Make some sound cards by writing a one sound on a piece of card/paper (e.g. d, g, sh, ee). Place and spread them out across the floor. Ask your child to run and stand on the sound you call out e.g.  Say simple words as a challenge e.g. d-o-g, sh-ee-p 
Play Online Buried Treasure - Click on the sounds your child is learning (this will be from Phase 2 – Phase 4). 

CHALLENGE: If you think it is a real word can you explain what the word means? 

Ask your child to use their phonic knowledge to sound out the names of the characters/key words from the ‘The Gruffalo’? (e.g. f-o-x, ow-l) or ‘Room on the Broom’ (e.g. c-a.t, br-oo-m)  
Play Viking Full Circle - Click on the set of sounds your child is learning. Listen carefully to the word and have a go at choosing the correct letters to make the word.  
Choose a letter of the alphabet. How many famous people or book characters can your child think of that start with this letter? Can you get at least one for every letter? 

Weekly Writing Tasks

Ask your child to draw a picture of their favourite book character. Can they write words/sentences to describe their character using their sounding out, i.e. long hair, big feet, and black teeth 
Can your child make a wanted poster for the Gruffalo? Can they draw a picture of the Gruffalo? Can they describe what he looks like? When was he last seen? 
Your child can practise writing letter families (t, l, i) in fun ways e.g. with their finger in shampoo or with a wet sponge on the pavementLog in to Letter Join for examples of the families. 
Ask your child to think about who they believe to be important people – such as the Queen. How would your child describe them? Why do they think they are important? Your child could list important people.  
Ask your child to think about and draw someone who is famous. Can your child write words / simple sentences about this person? 

STEM Learning Opportunities

Rose Mitchtom and Margarette Steife 

  • Over 120 years ago two women came up with the idea to make a teddy bear. Collect all your teddy bears. Are they all the same?  What do you think makes a good teddy bear? If you were going to invent a new teddy bear what would it look like?   

Learning Project - to be completed through the week

The project this week aims to focus on famous story characters and famous children’s authors.  

 Make your Favourite Characters- 

  • Make a puppet of a famous story character. Use a toilet roll and draw, colour and stick other bits of material onto the tube to make your own character puppet. This can be a character from the Gruffalo or a character from another story written by a different famous author e.g. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • What other craft activities could you do to create a famous story character? e.g. painting 


Can you Name the Famous Characters? 

  • Take part in the quiz -Who Do You Know? You will need help from your grown ups. Have a go at Quiz 1 and Quiz 2. Or, play ‘Guess Who’ - you could also describe famous book characters to your child and they have to guess who it is you’re describing.  


Create your own Broomstick 

  • Create your own broomstick like the witch in ‘Room on the Broom’. You could gather up sticks from the garden and tie them on to the end of a large stick using elastic bands, string or garden twine. How could you make improvements to your broom? Encourage your child to act out the story. Take a photograph of your finished broomstick and upload to Twitter at #TheLearningProject and @eastbierleyps 


Visit ‘The Gruffalo’ website 

  • Explore the songs on Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Gruffalo’ website along with the other activities. Can you learn some Makaton?