Wrap Around Care

Due to the popularity of this service we are only able to offer sessions to pre-registered customers. 

Our Breakfast and Teatime clubs are popular with both children and parents and provide a safe, stimulating and happy environment for your children before and after school every day.

Mrs Winder runs Breakfast Club from 7.40am to 8.40am and Teatime Club from 3.25pm until 4.30pm Monday to Friday during term time in the school’s hall. Children go straight from Breakfast Club to their classroom at the start of school, and/or directly from their classroom to teatime club after school, ensuring continuity of care either side of the normal school day.

At Breakfast Club children have a choice of breakfasts, which varies from day to day, including choices from: cereals, toast, crumpets, fruit, cheese, yogurt, milk, fruit juice or water.  It also includes hot options including scrambled or poached eggs and beans on toast or porridge. There’s also hot chocolate during the winter months and special dietary needs will be met wherever possible. Fruit, snacks and drinks are also available at Teatime Club (however we cannot supply a full evening meal).

If you would like your children to attend either Breakfast Club or Teatime Club, you must first complete a registration form, and also a booking form. Two booking forms are available, a fixed booking form for regular attendance and a flexible booking form for ad-hoc attendance.

Breakfast Club costs £4.00 per day (including breakfast) and Teatime Club costs £3.50 per day (including fruit/snacks).

Please take note that bookings must be made before the end of the previous month on either a ‘Flexible’ or ‘Fixed’ Booking Form and may be returned to the school office either in paper copy or by email. Bookings will be processed and appear on your ParentPay account. Fees should be paid weekly as you would with dinner money.


Terms and Conditions
Flexible Booking Form

Fixed Booking Form

Our Before and After school clubs are very popular with our children. Mrs Winder is truly amazing and our children are lucky to have a different theme each day for the activities set out.  There are always arts and craft opportunities! Mrs Winder enjoys linking to themed days and works hard to ensure the children are learning from their arrival at school. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and many staff members are known to find themselves in the hall for breakfast with the children.