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Mrs Mathieson             Mrs Dent

Summer 1 2019

Hello and welcome back to School. I hope that you had a fantastic Easter break and had lots of chocolate eggs?

This half term our topic is Funnybones. We will be writing some brilliant stories about our favourite naughty skeletons who live in the dark dark house.

Linked to this, our science topic will be looking at humans and animals. We will learn how to name all the parts of our bodies and animal bodies. We will learn about different types of animals including reptiles and amphibians. We will also look at different types of diets including how to eat healthily ourselves. We will also be doing lots of exercise to keep our bodies fit and active.

Mathswise, we will revisit money and shape. We will also learn how to use the column method when using addition.

Its going to be a fun half term!
Mrs M

Spring 2 2019

Hello and welcome back to School. I hope that you had a fantastic half term break!

This half term our first topic is Gardens. We will be learning how to identify and name a variety of common wild plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees.  We will also be learning how to identify and describe the structure of plants, including trees. We will be visiting the Ledston Estate to take part in a countryside learning day where we will learn how to tell the age of a tree and hunt for mini beasts amongst many other fun activities.

Linked to this, we will be looking at a lovely storybook called The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes. We will be focusing on remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. We will then be writing a report on the birds that we see in East Bierley and our gardens. In Art, we will be studying the life and works of Claude Monet who painted some amazing gardens using watercolour paints.

Mathswise, we will revisiting place value, money and the four operations. We will also be building on our knowledge of measurement by looking at mass and length.

I think that we will have fun!

Mrs M

Spring 1 - 2019

Hello and welcome back to class. I hope that you had a lovely break.

Our topic this term is ‘Change’.

We will be thinking about what change is and why it happens. We will be learning about life cycles of humans and animals, the Creation Story and our world through the ages.

Initially we will be looking at dinosaurs, prehistoric man and the ice age. Our English work will also based on books that deal with change such as Tadpole’s Promise and When We Were Giants.

In Maths, we will be revisiting place value, addition, subtraction and shape. We will also begin to look at measurement and multiplication.

I hope that you’re looking forward to it!

Mrs Mathieson

Autumn 2 2018

Hello and welcome back to class!

We are diving straight into our first topic of World War 1. It is 100 years since the end of the war so we will be celebrating this important event by looking at how animals helped in the War. We will also be learning how to sew a poppy (and a button) to make a special poppy for you to keep.

Following on from this, we will start our Fire! Fire! Topic. This is one of my favourite history topics to teach so I hope that you will love it too. Importantly, we will learn how to stay safe near fire.

We will also be looking at the science of fire and how religions use fire to celebrate. My favourite part of this topic is learning about the history behind the Great Fire of London and the creation of the Fire Service.

As always, we will be looking at some fantastic books in our English lessons. I have chosen Toby and Fire Cat to start with and I have borrowed a diary from my close friend Samuel Pepys.

In Maths we will be looking at addition, subtraction and 3D shapes.

Oh and how can I forget? It is nearly Christmas so we will be starting to practise our Nativity play and enjoying lots of festive crafts!

I can hear jingle bells already…

Mrs Mathieson

Autumn 1 2018

Hello and welcome to the Year 1 class page!

I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone and I’ve chosen my favourite topic of ‘Space’ to kick things off!

We will begin the term by looking at the solar system, space travel and the history of the moon landing. Towards the end of term, we will look at the constellations and telling the time using the sun and moon! We will also be looking in depth at the science behind Light and Dark. We also have an exciting science trip planned! Your grown-ups will receive a letter about it.

As always, we will be looking at some fantastic books about Space. I have chosen The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers to start with. We will be designing and making aliens and we will start to look at some alien words.

In Maths we will be looking at place value, addition and subtraction.

I know we are going to have such fun!

Mrs Mathieson


Year 1 curriculum 2017-18

Our Class Agreement

Always be respectful and kind

Be friendly

Be helpful

Always use kind words

Always try your best

Always share

Keep our classroom tidy

Keep your arms and feet to yourself



  • On a Friday your child will bring home the phonics sounds and high-frequency words which have been taught during the week. Please practice these as often as you can.
  • Suggested additional homework will also be available.
  • Please can homework books be handed back in on the following Thursday.