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Summer 2 2019

What a short, but fantastic half term we have just had! We are really proud of all the effort that you have put into your work and into the fabulous Morris Dance at our ‘May Day Celebration’. You have made Mrs Sneddon extremely proud this half term and now she is ready to go and a rest before she welcomes her new little baby into the world. I wonder if anyone can guess the baby’s name? As soon as he/she arrives Mrs Sneddon will send us a picture along with the chosen name.
This half term we will looking at range of Myths and Legends, focusing on using rich and varied vocabulary. We will also be focusing on using varied sentence structures and editing our own work.
In Maths we will be investigating; the properties of shape, money, statistics and fractions. We will be completing lots of problem solving and reasoning activities to consolidate all the things we have learnt so far this year. Please keep practising your times tables in preparation for the Year Four test next year.
We are having a real science focus this half term, looking firstly at plants and then moving on to forces and magnets. We then have three themed weeks; World Faith Week (where our faith to study will be Buddhism), Art week and finally a Sports Week.
In PSHE we will continue using Mind Mate to look at how to deal with strong emotions and changes.
Our PE days this half term will be Mondays with Mrs Divine and Thursdays with Velocity.

Summer 1 2019

We hope you all have a fantastic Easter holiday and don’t eat too many chocolate eggs! You are all doing really well on TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed, try and keep this up over the holidays. Let’s see who is at the top of the leader boards on the first day back.

This half term we are continuing looking at light sources, how light travels, shadows and reflections. We will then move on to a Geography based topic comparing our lovely East Bierley Village to a U.K Seaside destination comparing human and physical features.

In English we will be building up to write a persuasive piece to try and attract people to come and holiday in our beautiful village. We will focus on vocabulary and other persuasive techniques. What would entice people to come and stay here?

In Maths we will be focusing on measurement and then revisiting all topics covered this year. Obviously, please keep practising your timetables at home as we rely on these to help us in other areas of maths.

Keeping with traditions, we will be learning a Morris dance in our PE sessions for our May Day Celebration.

In R.E we will be looking at how are beliefs are expressed through art.

In PSHE we will continue using Mind Mate to look at getting on with each other and how to cope with disagreements.

Our P.E days this half term will be Mondays with Mrs Divine and Mrs Sneddon and Thursdays with Velocity.

Spring 2 2019

We hope you are enjoying your school holidays. Don’t forget to go online and complete your homework. We will be looking to see who has improved their time on TT Rockstars and who has played the most games on Spelling Shed.

This half term we are going to be scientists. First we are going to investigate the different types of rocks; Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic. We will look at how soil is formed and the different types of soils. We will look closely at a range of fossils and the prehistoric plants and animals that formed them. As part of this topic Mrs Waring will be joining us to share her science expertise.

We will then learn about light. Do you know how shadows are formed? How fast light travels? What makes a shadow bigger or smaller? How rainbows formed?

In English we are focusing on the book ‘The Jamie Drake Equation’ by Christopher Edge. Jamie’s dad is orbiting Earth in the International Space Station. Jamie’s phone picks up a strange signal which could possibly indicate alien life! We will be exploring the narrative and writing our own descriptive pieces. We will be focusing on sentence structure and varied vocabulary.

In Maths, we will be revisiting all areas covered so far, starting with fractions. There will be a heavy focus on using our taught skills to problem solve and complete reasoning tasks. We will continue to work on all four calculations and problem solving.

In R.E we will be looking at how are beliefs are expressed through art.

Our P.E days this half term will be Thursdays with Velocity and the other session will be variable therefore PE kits are needed every day please.

Spring 1 2019

We hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and we are really looking forward to seeing you all in 2019. We are excited to hear all your New Year’s Resolutions and will do our best to help you achieve them, whatever they may be. Make sure you remember to ask your friends and grown-ups around school what their resolutions are.

Our topic this half term is based around a question: ‘Could you survive the Stone Age?’ To answer this fully we will be exploring the three stages of this huge period of time; The Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age), The Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) and finally The Neolithic (New Stone Age). We will look at using chronology to order historic events and the use of historic sources to gather information. We look at the work of archaeologists and historians and thinking about how we know about the past. We will study prehistoric beasts, and how it is that animals become extinct. We will look at environmental factors now and think about what we need to do to protect our planet for future generations.

In English, we will be focusing on writing non-chronological reports based on the Stone Age. We will look at using technical and ambitious vocabulary to capture the reader’s attention whilst providing them with interesting information. We will continue to focus on presentation and we look forward to giving out lots more presentation certificates for our most improved writers.

In Maths, we will be introducing shape and measurement firstly looking specifically at mass, volume and capacity, then moving onto working out the perimeter of shapes. We will continue to work on all four calculations and problem solving.

In RE this half term, we will looking at the theme of respect. We have a visit from ‘Hand to Mouth Puppets’ who will also be exploring this theme with us. We will also continue to look at how we can fall out well. Looking at strategies to use when things do not quite go to plan!

Our P.E days this half term will be on Tuesdays with Mrs Divine and Thursdays with Velocity. Some Wednesdays for Dance and Competitive sports.

Autumn 2 2018

Our Kindness Calendar

We hope you have all had a fantastic break and are rested and looking forward to the exciting (and busy) half term.

For the first week of this half term we are continuing our work on WW1 to link in with the whole school Armistice focus. We will use a number of sources to collect as much information as we can about ‘The Great War’. We will create non-chronological reports, art work and each sew a poppy. To end the week we will gather for a Remembrance Service.

Our topic this half-term is 'Wild and Wonder'. In our topic lessons our focus for the start of the half-term will be animals including humans. This will involve looking at animals that have skeletons and learning how their muscles help to support and protect them and allow them to move. To link to this animal topic we have an exciting trip to Chester Zoo.We will also be doing artwork on a weekly basis to develop our painting techniques. We will begin by looking at creating spooky night time scenes.

In English we will be focusing on the new novel 'The Wonderling' by Mira Bartok. The book introduces us to a character who is half human and half fox! This will allow us to develop our descriptive writing skills by using ambitious vocabulary and phrases. We will then move on to narrative writing by thinking about our own half and half character. This will involve lots of imagination and wonder!

In Maths we will be introducing shape and measurement which will also allow us to consolidate the addition and subtraction taught so far. We will then move on to multiplication and division.

Our P.E days this half-term will be on Tuesdays with Mrs Divine and Thursdays with Velocity. Some Wednesdays for Dance and Competitive sports.


Autumn 1 2018


Our first topic to start the new school year will be ‘The Swinging Sixties’. We will explore this exciting decade by learning how life for people in Britain changed, the new fashion and music of the sixties and learning about some significant events including the Space Race and England winning the World Cup final.

In English we will be focusing on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will use this popular 1960s story as a hook to look at sentence structure, descriptive language and to embed all of the taught skills from Year 2. We will also learn how to write non-chronological reports to demonstrate our understanding of the 1960s.

In maths this half term we are learning about place value and then we will move on to addition and subtraction, linking this to a range of measures.

Please encourage multiplication as much as possible. Children need to know their 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables and need to begin to learn the 4 and 8 times tables.

Telling the time is a key skill for children and we would appreciate if you could use opportunities to discuss the time and ask children to tell the time in everyday situations. This includes telling the time from analogue clocks using Roman numerals and 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.

We will be drawing 2-D shapes and making 3-D shapes using modelling materials.

Homework will be set every week, this will include; TT Rockstars, My Maths and Spelling Shed

We will also begin to learn to play the recorder on a weekly basis!

P.E will be on Mondays with Thursdays. Full P.E kit should be worn at all times. Earrings need to be removed and long hair should be tied up. Thank You






Our Class Agreement

We will be polite, kind and caring towards each other.

We will follow instructions from every member of school staff.

We will look after things in our classroom and around school.

We will try to show resilience when we are finding things tricky.

We will be role models for others so we help them to follow our core values.