Hi Year 5,

I hope you are continuing to enjoy your time spent at home with lots of fun and learning taking place.

Please do continue to send me pictures of anything you have produced, it doesn’t always have to be school work! Send it to year5@eastbierleyprimary.com or tweet us @eastbierleyPS. More of you are beginning to send emails regularly so do keep this up as I really enjoy seeing the great things you are doing at home.

The learning project is focused on the environment this week, a great opportunity to take a walk or spend some time in the garden, especially if this sunny weather continues! There are lots of ideas and activities on the website that you could do, however, I understand it is a very strange and difficult time for everyone at the minute so please just do what you can. There is no expectation to do a specific number of activities as long as you are being active and creative whether that is reading, walking, baking or creating a football game in the garden.

Have you spoken to any of your friends? If not, why not ask a parent if you could contact them and see how they are doing? They are in the same position as you and it might be nice to speak to them and see what they have been up to.

I am hoping in the next week to see some pictures of children playing the clarinet! Maybe you could create your own song.

Please continue to look after yourselves and your families. Find out what works best for you at home, it could be working hard in the morning and enjoying a long walk in the afternoon. It could be helping with the household jobs.

I will be speaking to you all very soon.

Stay safe. We miss you all.

Miss Williams, Mrs Webb and Mrs Robson.

Weekly Maths Tasks

Play 10 Garage and 10 Studio games on Times Table Rockstars.

Show everything you know about shape on a piece of paper. This could be pictures, diagrams, explanations, methods etc.

What shapes can you find in your house? Can you take a picture like I have and email it to me? You could sort them into groups based on their properties. Have a look at this game first to give you ideas and to practise.

Here are some mini maths tasks. Choose Year 5 and for each day, there are some maths questions involving the four operations.

Complete Corbett Maths

Play on Hit the Button - focus on times tables, division facts and squared numbers.

Play on Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica.

Complete revisit tasks on MyMaths.

Select items in your house (this could be rubbish, materials, household objects) and sort them into things that are recyclable and non-recyclable. What percentage and fraction of items are recyclable?

Daily arithmetic for different areas of maths. Choose levels 4, 5 and 6 activities and practise something you find difficult. You will need paper to write your answers so that you can mark them at the end.

Practise reasoning and problem solving.

Have a go at these tasks:

  • Shape Names
  • Time
  • Fractions of shapes

Weekly Reading Tasks

Continue to participate in DEAR time and read a chapter from your home reading book or a book that you have borrowed from the library. Could you email me and tell me which book you are reading and possibly describe the story?

Following this, summarise the events from the chapter. You could bullet point what happened, create a comic strip or present the information in your own creative way.

Note down any unfamiliar words from the chapter you have read. Explore the meanings of these words by using a dictionary or reading around the sentence.

Challenge yourself to read something around the house that isn’t a book. You can then complete your reading diary following this.

Log on to Oxford Owl and read a book that matches your age. After this, review the text and justify your opinion with examples from the text.

Visit Toppsta to review and win books. Can you write a review of a book we read together in school? It could The Billionaire Boy, The Person Controller, Wings of Fire or Who let the Gods out? If you do this, please share this with me on our email, as I would love to see it

Weekly Spelling Tasks

Practise the Year 5/6 Common Exception Words. Some ideas:

Choose five Common Exception words. You can then write a synonym, antonym, the meaning and an example of how to use the word in a sentence.

Practise spellings on Spelling Frame.

Complete revisit tasks on SpellingShed.

Create a mind map with adverbials that you could include in your story. Think about which adverbials will suit your story genre. Could you show me a picture by sending me an email?

Proofread and mark your writing from the day. Use a dictionary to check the spelling of any words that you found challenging or spelt incorrectly. This will also enable you to check that the meaning of the word is suitable for the sentence.

Weekly Writing Tasks

Predict what will happen at home over the next week. You can record this in a newspaper format.

Write a persuasive letter to your Mrs Upham about the importance of recycling at school. Research the impact of recycling using books or the internet to find facts and statistics to support your argument. Think back to the great persuasive letters you had written at school!

Write a biography about David Attenborough. Remember to include information about his life, how he has helped the environment and the positive impact he has had on global changes.

Seaworld should close. Seaworld is a theme and marine park based in Orlando, America. It is home to giant turtles, orcas and bottlenose dolphins to name a few. Do you agree or disagree with the above statement? Write a discussion based on the above statement considering both sides of the argument.

Story Task: You have now written the opening of your story. Continue writing your story thinking carefully about the range of conjunctions, pronouns and adverbials that are most suitable.

Kahoot Pins

Kahoots for this week:
Growth and Fixed Mindset – 05122823

Guided Reading – 04685041

Shapes – 02332864


Previous Kahoots you can still complete:

Homophones – 06633706

Prime and composite numbers -  05972503

Materials – 01335825

Forces – 08315692

Place value with rounding – 08516172

Adjectives and Adverbs – 03501165

Properties of Materials – 05629467

Capital letters – 09048789

SPaG – 02244536

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages – 03371227

Sentence Structures- 08013301

Earth and Space – 02366116

Parenthesis – 05854327

Negative numbers – 04715734

Learning Project - to be completed through the week

Endangered Species- The tiger, Amur leopard, orangutan, sea turtle and the Sumatran elephant are some of the most endangered animals on the planet. Choose an animal from one region and describe how it has evolved to suit its habitat. Now consider how your chosen animal may need to adapt due to the current environment and human threats it faces. Create an informative leaflet about the threat the animal faces and what humans can do to minimise these threats.

Upcycling, upcycling-  Choose an item within the house that you do not really use anymore - this could be an old item of clothing, accessory or household item - and upcycle it to make a new item that you will use. Evaluate the product and identify any areas that you could improve if you were to make it again. You may even want to write a set of instructions so that other people can upcycle the same item too.

Protecting our Oceans- Marine life faces a number of threats including plastic pollution, tourism, habitat destruction, ocean warming and overfishing. How can we make a difference now? Discuss this question with someone at home and sketch and image representing the impact society is having on today’s oceans using a drawing material material of your choice. Afterwards, you may wish to sketch an image of an ideal ocean environment. Use websites and books to find out what makes the best environment for marine life to flourish (you may wish to have a look at the Great Barrier Reef and its significance).

Do People Intentionally Damage an Area? - Imagine that a new park, housing development, restaurant or other structure is being built on green land near your home. How might this be positive for the environment? How might this be negative for the environment? Create a poster that explains the pros and cons of this new development. Consider wildlife, air and noise pollution and jobs.

Air Quality Improvement - Air quality has been debated across the globe and many are concerned that pollution is making the quality of air poor in many countries. However, in Leeds they are introducing ‘Clean Air Zones’ from around July 2020. With this in mind, create a set of questions that you could ask your parents, grandparents or other family members about how their local area has changed over time. Afterwards, you can interview your family members and then make a video news report about what you have discovered. If you create a video, please share this with me on email.

Earth and Space – Create a picture using different materials from around the house. Could you share yours with me?