Hello Year 3!

Welcome to the third week of online work set for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed spending time with families whilst also doing some work. Keep sending pictures and videos of all the fantastic work you’ve done to year3@eastbierleyprimary.com.  It's been great to see the performances of Walking With My Iguana – perhaps you could go and see the ones which have been shared on the school’s Twitter page!

I can’t believe how many Rockslams I have set on TT Rockstars! Some children have even beaten me! Do you think that’s you? Keep practising on all those online platforms and I’ll keep sending Rockslams and leaving feedback. You’re all doing brilliantly – well done!

Isaac and I have done some baking this week - some lovely flapjacks! Have you helped out with the cooking at home? Did you take any pictures? Even if you haven’t, it would be lovely to hear what you made and how you’re helping out at home. Just send a message via the email link above.

All those children learning a musical instrument: can you record yourself practising and send it into school? If I receive 2 videos of you playing your instrument or even singing, I shall record my own video to share!

Remember to keep yourselves safe and look after the people around you,

We look forward to hearing from you all.

Mr Sharp, Mrs Winder and Ms Bray


Weekly Maths Tasks

Working on Times Table Rockstars - your child will have an individual login to access this and sessions on Garage, Studio and Soundcheck have been set.

Play on Hit the Button -  focus on number bonds, halves, doubles and times tables.

Practise telling the time. This could be done through this game (scroll down to access the game). Read to the quarter hour and the nearest 5 minutes.

Fractions: Use a piece of paper to show how many different ways you can represent ½, 1/3, ¼ and 3/4 You can use objects from around the house – be as creative as you can!

Practise counting forwards and backwards from any given numbers in 100s. Ready for a Kahoot? Challenge Pin 08731723

This game is really fun! Choose a character and use your maths skills to defeat enemies! Along the way, earn new equipment for your character!

Weekly Reading Tasks

You could share a story together. We’ve been reading Stig of the Dump in class. This link takes you to Audible where the story can be listened to for free with a 30-day trial.

Listen to your child read and let them discuss what they have read. Encourage them to read with expression and intonation.

Watch Newsround and discuss what is happening in the wider world.

Need a new book to read? Oxford Owl requires a free sign-up but allows access to new books that can be searched for by year group. Go and find a new book to read!

Weekly Spelling Tasks

Practise the Year 3/4 for Common Exception words.

Practise your spelling on Spelling Shed

Look at these 5 common exception words: knowledge, learn, library, length, material. Write a synonym for these words and try to use the word in a sentence.

Choose 5 Common Exception words and practise spelling them using pyramid words. Write the word in a pyramid









Weekly Writing Tasks

Write a letter to a family member telling them all about how their day has been.

We looked at haikus before our time at home. A haiku is a 3-line poem: the first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables and the last line has 5 syllables again. Can you write your own haiku about yourself? Present it and decorate it!

If they were to become a superhero what would their superpower be? Write a character description of them as a superhero. Explain how they save the day.

Retell a traditional tale from another character’s point of view. E.g Tell the three little pigs from the wolf’s perspective.

Remember to use:

Sub-ordinating conjunctions (because, as, if, when, although)

Prepositional phrases (beside the chest, on top of the table, beneath the ground etc)

Weekly Topic Tasks

Music – Learning a musical instrument? Have a practice and take a picture of yourself. Want to sing. Check out this link with lots of singing activities!

RE – Easter is a special time for all Christians. Do you understand why? Follow this link to help you.

Light and Dark – Watch this video to find out more about shadows. Ready for a Kahoot? Challenge Pin 05512107

Learning Project - to be completed through the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about different viewpoints. Learning may focus on physical viewpoints in terms of what you can see outside of the window at home, what others can see looking into your home and then progress onto personal viewpoints and of others.

Let’s Wonder:

Draw a picture of themself and label their drawing with the qualities they have.

How do others see them differently? Ask people at home to add to their qualities.

How are they different to other children in different parts of the world?  What makes them       similar to other children around the world?

Let’s Create: Complete an observational drawing of what they see outside a window in their house. Then get out into the garden and find natural forms such as stones, leaves, flowers and animals. Complete sketches, showing an awareness of different viewpoints of the same object. Remember to concentrate on tone and shading.

Be Active: Move around their home and garden taking photographs from different viewpoints. Which photos do they like? Do the people they live with like the same photos as them? Why? Why not?

Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week.

Time to Talk: Talk about keeping safe, discuss different ways to keep safe. Basic hygiene rules, road safety, internet safety, water safety, being safe around the home, stranger danger. How do different people view this?

Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: Listen to different pieces of music from around the world, which styles of music do they prefer and why? Music Maybe they could learn a song by heart and perform it.

Reflect: Design their own ideal world. Would their world contain the same things as other people? Which things are most important to them? What are they going to include?