Year 6 - Summer 2

Welcome back to your final term in Year 6! We have so many exciting plans for you and can't wait to get started.
In Maths, we will be looking at area and perimeter, ratio and proportion, geometry and statistics.
In English, we will be reading our class novel 'Where the World Turns Wild', we will be answering questions based on the text. We will also be spending time learning and rehearsing the end of year production.
In Science, we will be looking at growing up, puberty and sex education.
We will also have opportunities to develop our PE leadership skills as we design games for younger year groups to take part in.
Finally, we have lots of exciting extra activities that our Year 6's will take part in to give their end to primary school the finish it deserves. I am sure that they will enjoy their last half term at East Bierley and we look forward to making it as special as we can for them!

Year 6 - Summer 1

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter and had chance to catch up with friends and loved ones now that some of the restrictions have been lifted. We are looking forward to this next half term, it is Miss Tipple's favourite topic and she can't wait to get started.
With Miss Tipple, you will learn all about the circulatory system in Science, you will have the opportunity to dissect a lamb's heart and see how lungs work. You will make 'blood' and find out how blood travels around our bodies to keep us alive. You will also continue with percentages in maths, followed by some Algebra and measure. You will write non-fiction based pieces of writing based on the heart and will continue with daily calculation and 5-a-day SPaG. We will finish 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' and decide on our next book together.
With Mrs Moxon, you will be learning about evolution and inheritance, you will do some creative writing and compose autobiographies and continue to with your Latin learning.

Year 6 - Spring 1

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you have all had a great Christmas and fabulously restful holiday and come back ready to get down to some hard work!
This term in Science, we will be exploring how the Circulatory System works which will involve some very practical work.  We will also be exploring how light works and how we can use this knowledge to make deductions.
We will be reading two novels - 'The Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' - which is a favourite of both Miss Tipple and Mrs Moxon -  and The Peacock Garden which will lead us to research the British Empire and its impact on people's lives even now, so many years later.
We will carry on preparing for SATs which are due to be sat in May and hope that each of you will carry on reading independently both at home and in DEAR time to help with this.  Remember - it does not always need to be books that you are reading - researching on (safe) websites, newspapers and magazines are good sources of reading material too.
Obviously, we carry on with our online homework and hopefully our regular dip in the goodie box will encourage you to get working on those spellings!
See you soon.
Miss Tipple, Mrs Moxon, Mrs Robson and Mrs Blakely

Year 6 - Autumn 2

Well done Year 6 – we did lots of learning in the first term and you all came back raring to go and you have all impressed us with your commitment to catching up. 

Although this is the term when the clocks have gone back and our days seem to get shorter and shorter and darker and darker, it is also the term where we have the winter solstice and we can begin to look forward to brighter days again. We can also look forward to celebrating our festive period together, and, although it will be different this year, we will still have lots of fun making decorations, trimming up the tree and having our Christmas party. 

Talking of lighter days – we will be exploring the phenomenon of light and how it works though this may start with a shocking discovery. 

Through our Armistice reflections we will also be looking at the life of one of England’s most injured soldiers and how he overcame adversity by beating the odds and still coming out looking out for other people. 

Your ‘magister’ Miss Tipple will continue to learn a bit of Latin with you and you can explore how they used phonetics very differently to us. 

Mrs Moxon will continue to read one of her favourite books to you – The Fib – so we can see if George gets up to any more mischief and if he gets into anymore trouble with his mum! 

We have lots of things planned for you this half term and we are excited for the festive season – let’s enjoy it together.

Miss Tipple, Mrs Moxon, Mrs Blakeley and Mrs Robson

Welcome back to our new Year 6's!

We hope you enjoyed your summer holidays and found some time to relax as this year is going to be BUSY! We have so many things planned for you and we are extremely excited to get started. We know that some of you may be feeling a little apprehensive about your return to school - it's been a long time for some of you since you last sat in a classroom but we want you to know that everything will be okay and it's okay to feel a little bit nervous. We'll let you in on a secret - even we feel it too! We will be there for you on the first day back to welcome you into school and settle you in and if you do have any worries, please come and talk to us so that we can try to make you feel comfortable and happy.

Before we start with any learning, we will go through all of the things that you need to know which might be new to you and might not have been systems in school before covid-19. This will help to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to keep you safe and help you learn to the best of your ability. Once we have settled back in, we will get to the good bits! What are we going to learn?

Well, we will start our term off with citizenship week, we have a book 'The Bottle of Happiness' which we will be the focus for our learning for the first couple of weeks. In Geography, we will be learning all about rainforests. In History, our focus will be on the Aztecs, I wonder if you already know anything about this area? For Maths, we will start the term by developing our understanding of place value and number knowledge. We will also be starting to learn a new language with Mrs Moxon, I wonder if you can guess which language this will be? Miss Tipple is really excited to be sharing one of her favourite books with you as your class novel - 'The Wolf Wilder' by Katherine Rundell. She also writes 'The Explorer' which we will look at extracts from to support our rainforest learning.

We have a lot of exciting lessons planned for you and hope that you are eager to get back to learning in school - we are looking forward to meeting you all and finding out more about you.

Miss Tipple, Mrs Moxon, Mrs Blakeley and Mrs Robson

Year 6 class agreement

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