Hi Year 6,

We hope that you are all enjoying your time at home; there seems to be lots of different kinds of learning going on!
We can see that lots of you have been doing super spelling on Spelling Shed, lots of timetables on TT Rock Stars and a lot of MyMaths.
We’ve seen and heard about lots of practical learning - lots of baking (chocolate cake particularly caught my attention), sewing and crafting and I know we’ve even had some new baby lambs delivered - can’t wait for those photos!
Joe Wicks has been keeping Mrs Moxon fit along with some online yoga- though she’s learned not to do them both on the same day as mowing the lawns as it took her four days to recover!
We know some of you have been reading together virtually which is so lovely!
We have been so proud hearing of all the super things you’ve been up to - keep up the amazing work and stay positive!
Keep the good news rolling in.

Mrs Moxon, Miss Tipple, Mrs Baines and Mrs Webb

Learning Project - to be completed through the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about the area in which they live. Learning may focus on your local area, famous people, key landmarks and links to your city.

 An Architectural Masterpiece: Give your child the task of designing a new building/structure to inspire the residents of their local town or city. They must research, plan, design and then make a model of it using materials from around the house. Ask them to create a criteria for success and then evaluate their model against this.

Promoting Your Local Area: Tell your child that a visitor from another country is coming to stay in the city for a week. They really need to impress them by showing them the most interesting places in their local area. Where would they take them each day? Plan the itinerary for each day detailing the transport that will be taken to each location, how long will be spent there, what will be eaten and any activities that may take place.

Where in the World? Show your child how to use Google Earth or Google Maps   to look at the geographical features of Bradford, Aberystwyth and Perth (Australia). How are these places the same? How are these places different? What impacts the similarities and differences? After, they can then choose three different places and do the same thing. Do they notice any patterns?

Places of Worship – Bradford Cathedral, St Paul’s Church, Bradford Grand Mosque, Bradford Synagogue, Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara and Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple are all places of worship in Bradford. Can your child order them on a timeline based on the year they were built? Why do they think some of these places were built more recently, whilst others were built many years ago? Do they think the society they live in has had an impact on this?


Weekly Maths Tasks

Make sure you are completing festival sessions daily on TTRockstars

You also have the normal weekly sessions of 10 studio, 10 garage and 10 arena to complete.

In your packs, you have daily calculation questions. Do one set of questions each day.

Complete Corbett maths questions.

You have taken home some practice SAT tests for maths. You have 6 papers- two arithmetic and four reasoning papers. Try to complete two papers a week. If you don’t know how to answer the questionsask an adult at home or try looking on BBC Bitesize for some help.

You have lots of MyMaths It is all recaps based on things you have already learnt in school. Some of it covers things you learnt last year in year 5. Try to complete two a week.

Weekly Reading Tasks

You can continue to read a chapter from your home reading book or a book that you have borrowed from the library.

After this, ask you could write a short review detailing your likes and dislikes about the novel so far. Can you justify your opinion with examples from the text?

Try to record any words that has captured your interest from the chapter you have read. Can you write antonyms for these words?

Read to another member of your family. This doesn’t have to be a book so you can be as imaginative as you wish!

Visit authorfy. Join the website so that you can access videos, author masterclasses and other activities over the next few weeks.

Take part in 20 minutes of DEAR time every day.

Weekly Spelling Tasks

Practise the Year 5/6 Common Exception Words

Choose 5 Common Exception words. Write a synonym, antonym, the meaning and an example of how to use the word in a sentence.

Practise spellings on SpellingShed.

Can you create a vocabulary bank about the area you live in. This could be used as ideas for some of  writing tasks this week.

Remember to proofread your writing from the day. Use a dictionary to check the spelling of any words that you found challenging. This will also enable you to check that the meaning of the word is suitable for the sentence

Weekly Writing Tasks

You have all entered a poetry competition – the same people are running some more competitions – can you enter another one? Remember to proof read, edit and redraft.

Plan on Monday, Write half on Tuesday, other half on Wednesday, proof-read on Thursday and write up the neat entry on Friday.


This is one of the most important parts of living history we will experience. Keep a journal or a diary – include photos, drawings, interviews (on the phone or facetime or similar), record events, day to day activities, fears and feelings.