Year 3 - Summer 2

Welcome to our last half-term in Year 3! There’s still lots more learning to be done!

In Maths, we will continue with our fractions learning – there’s so much about fractions to learn! We shall be investigating equivalent fractions before learning how to add and subtract fractions. After this, we shall look at telling the time and learning about how days there are in each month. How do you remember this? Do you use the popular rhyme or do you use a different method? Talking with your children about this at home would be great!

In English, children will write a non-chronological report about plants (a nice conclusion to last half-term’s science learning) that uses headings, sub-headings, subordinating conjunctions and paragraphs. Towards the end of the year, children will use all their writing skills to draft and write a story which includes character and setting description, speech and a plot.

After finishing our work on plants, children will begin investigating coasts. Children will start by thinking about the differences between waves and tides before linking our learning back to erosion (something we did during home-learning!). From there, we will consider the human and physical geographical features of coasts before creating a 3D map of our own!

Thank you for all your continued support. Please continue to read at home and access Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars. Homework this half-term will include Kahoot quizzes which recap learning that Year 3 have done this year. The quizzes will stay live up until the end of the year.

The Year 3 Team

Year 3 - Summer 1

Welcome back for the penultimate half-term in Year 3! We are delighted to welcome all the children back to Year 3 for what is going to be an exciting half term!

In maths, we will continue work on division before moving on to learn about fractions. Children will be investigating equivalent fractions (fractions which equal the same amount such as one half, two quarters, four eighths)  as well as finding fractions of amounts (4/6 of 24, for example). Children will also learn about tenths and how to count in tenths as well as add and subtract fractions which have the same denominator. 

In English, we will be working on writing a story this half-term before writing a non-chronological report. Our story writing will be based around a mystery which takes place in the location of a snow-capped volcano – this makes links with our geography work this half-term (more on that later!). Children will be learning to write in paragraphs and use direct speech punctuation as well as developing rich and varied vocabulary.

In geography, children will be looking at different places from all over the world. They will think about the different locations are similar and different to East Bierley as well as locate them in an atlas. We will also investigate the different climates of the different areas as well. Children will also learn to locate European countries using an atlas. In science, children will learn all about plants. Children will learn about the different parts of plants (roots, stem, leaves, petals) as well as investigate how water travels through a plant. Children will also be learning a new song in music before writing some music of their own.

There will be a separate message about homework to come. 

Thank you for all your continued support in this very different year. It’s wonderful to have the children back at school and I’m really looking forward to all we can achieve this half-term! 

Year 3 - Spring 1

In maths this half-term, we shall be mastering our addition and subtraction skills before looking at multiplication and division. Please keep going on TT Rockstars for at least 15 minutes a week. By the end of Year 3, we’d like all children to know their 3x, 4x and 8x tables off by heart as well as remembering their 2x, 5x and 10x tables as well!

In English, we shall be learning how to write a story before looking at instructions texts. Our text that we will be reading is Stig of the Dump by Clive King. Please keep going on Spelling Shed to practise the weekly spellings which are set for you.

Our topic this half-term is Prehistoric Britain. We shall be learning how times change from 2,500,000 years ago up to around the year 100CE – about 2,000 years ago. We will be learning the different names of the eras (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age) as well as investigating how homes, farming, travel and religion changed in Britain over this time.

We shall also be learning songs in Music whilst learning about rhythm and pulse. In Computing, we shall be learning how to stay safe when browsing online. In RE, we are learning about different creation stories.

Thank you for your support with work at home – it’s very much appreciated!

Year 3 - Autumn 2

Welcome back to Year 3! In the Autumn term, we’ll be doing learning lots of new and exciting things!

Our topics this half-term are both Science! For the first few weeks of the half-term, we shall be looking at Rocks, Fossils and Soils thinking about classification, how fossils and soils are formed and completing some experiments. After we have completed this module, we shall be looking at Forces and Magnets.

 In maths, we shall be continuing to learn how to add and subtract using numberlines and the column method. We shall also be learning how to solve problems that require these skills also. After completing our addition and subtraction module, we shall be looking at multiplication and division. It is an expectation that by the end of Year 3, children know their 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x and 8x tables. By the end of Year 4, children need to know all their timestables. Keep going on TT Rockstars to practice – 10 minutes a day would be great!

 In English, we shall be looking at poetry (learning to recite The King’s Breakfast) before going on to write a piece of non-fiction about our topic. We shall do some work on story-writing as well before Christmas. Please keep going on Spelling Shed – 10 minutes a day is great here too! As well as this, listening to your child read for 10 minutes a night is super too. 

As well as all this, we shall be creating ‘A Cheerful Orchestra’ in Art, singing outside in Music, learning Latin and practising our Athletics skills in PE.

 Thank you for your continued support at home – it is greatly appreciated!

 Mr Sharp

Welcome to Year 3

How wonderful it has been to have seen you all after such a long break! Are you excited? There’s lots of enjoyable activities that we’ll be doing this half-term in your new class with Mr Sharp and Mrs Imran!

In maths, we shall be looking at place value, thinking about 3-digit numbers. We shall be ordering and comparing as well as using lots of different representations. We’ll also be using Times Tables Rockstars to help us learn our times tables as well.

In English, we are going to be reading traditional tales – these are stories that you will have heard of before. We are also going to be writing our own traditional tales complete with setting and character descriptions. Each week, there’ll also be spellings to learn so make sure you’re learning spellings which are sent home and practising them on Spelling Shed.

Our topic for the first half of the half-term is Light. We’re going to be investigating where light comes from, how light travels and how shadows are formed. If the weather is nice, we’ll even go outside and measure our shadows and see if they change shape or size throughout the day! After that, we shall be learning about The Victorians – I wonder why there are a group of people called The Victorians?

Our PE days in Year 3 will be Tuesday and Thursday so please come to school in your PE kit on these days. We shall also be learning how to do line drawings in art and start learning a new language – I wonder which language it will be!

We cannot wait to share all this wonderful learning with you in your new class!

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