Year 4 - Autumn 2

The second Autumn half term is always a busy one in the run up to Christmas. To make sure Christmas is still a special and magical time of the year we are planning lots of Christmas activities and learning.

Our topic this half term is history based, ancient Egypt. BBC bitesize has lots of good resources on ancient Egypt if your child wants to do any additional learning on this subject.

In maths, we have had a real push on fractions and angles. The children’s learning has been excellent so far. We will be moving on to place value with 4-digit numbers before practising addition and subtraction.

In English, we will be doing lots of spelling and grammar practise so that the children know how to write different types of sentences. We will use these skills to write creative descriptions, diary entries and a newspaper report.

In enrichment, we will continue our focus on art and computing. The children have been really enjoying the art taught so far and have learnt many new skills.

In PE, we are learning how to play netball and basketball. We are also practising many exercises as part of our EAST 39 initiative. The children are enjoying the challenge and many are really pushing their selves and regularly volunteer to lead PE warm ups.

Many pupils are not accessing homework regularly in Year 4. Home learning is more important than ever to make sure the children can catch up for the lost learning during the pandemic. In Year 4, there will be a weekly raffle to win a prize. All children who have completed their weekly homework on TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and MyMaths will be entered into the raffle.

Don’t forget to encourage your child to read for 30 minutes a day. Reading regularly makes a massive difference to children’s learning and understanding.

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 and welcome back to school! I am very excited to be teaching you all and helping you learn this year. I am sure there will be a great buzz in the classroom. I will explain everything that you need to know to help you settle in to Year 4 as easily as possible.

Things you need to know:

The adults in Year 4 are Mr Booth, Mrs Webb and Mrs Divine. Year 4 are in a bubble with Year 3 so you will still see Mr Sharp too.

PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. You will need to wear your PE kit all day on these days. Don’t forget to tie any long hair up and leave any earrings or watches at home on these days.

Homework will be set weekly and will consist of TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Mymaths. A little and often approach is usually the best way for children to learn so go on each homework website every day for 5 minutes. I will be checking homework completion every week with the class. I will send a list home with all the usernames and passwords just in case anyone may have forgotten theirs.

Year 4 is an important year for times tables as we need to learn them all up to 12 x 12. In June 2020, there was supposed to be a government check on times tables. This clearly did not go ahead. The government check will be a bit like the “soundcheck” on TT Rockstars. The government have not announced any information if this will be happening for this year group in 2021.

In class, we will be practising times table Olympics at least once a week. We will also practise paper versions of TT Rockstars three times a week. 20 minutes worth of TT Rockstars will be set as homework every week.

You also need to be reading every day! Don’t forget reading does not have to just be your library book. As well as fiction stories, I like to read newspapers and I read online through the BBC Sport and BBC News apps too. is a great website for books. Toppsta is a children’s book review website where children can write reviews and win books. The more reviews posted, the greater chance of winning a free book. A parent will need to sign the child up to the website first.

For the first week or so at school, we will be focussing on transition and learning/ remembering what it is to be a citizen of East Bierley Primary School. As the term continues, our main topic will be science based where we will learn about living things, classification, teeth, digestion and food chains. If you want to do any home learning on this click here to access BBC Bitesize.

Meet the team

Mr W Booth
Mr W Booth
Mrs A Webb
Mrs A Webb
Mrs R Divine, Assistant Head
Mrs R Divine, Assistant Head