Meet Our Team

Mrs A Blakley

Mr W Booth



Autumn Term 2

Our topic this half term will be on Rainforests. We will learn about human geography and physical geography in rainforests and also use maps and atlases to locate the rainforests of the world.
In science, we will be learning about animals. We will learn about teeth, the digestive system and food chains.
We will apply some of our art skills to learn about artists and designers.
The first half of the half term will see us practising our computing skills in enrichment before learning cooking skills towards the end of the half term.
If you haven’t already, sign up for Toppsta it’s great! It’s a website for children’s book reviews but there are weekly chances to win copies of brand new books. Quite a few of the class have already won a book this half term.

Autumn Term 1

Welcome to Year 4! I hope you all had a great time over the holidays and are ready to learn new things. I am very excited to be teaching you all.
Things you need to know:
The teachers in Year 4 are Mr Booth and Mrs Fox (on Monday mornings). Mrs Blakeley will also be with us on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
PE will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. Tuesdays will be outdoor PE in the first lesson in the morning so you will need an outdoor PE kit. Every third week we will also have PE on a Wednesday when we have Enhancement. Thursday’s PE session will be Enrichment time with Velocity.
On Tuesdays, we will continue to learn to play the recorder so bring your recorder in every Tuesday.
Homework will be set weekly and will consist of TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and

Mymaths. A little and often approach is usually the best way for children to learn so encourage them to go on each homework website every day for 5 minutes each rather than once a week for half an hour.
You also need to be reading every day! Don’t forget reading does not have to just be your library book. As well as fiction stories, I like to read newspapers and I read online through the BBC Sport and BBC News apps too.

Year 4 Curriculum 2018-19

Year 4 curriculum 2017-18

Our Class Agreement

Treat Everyone and everyhting with respect.

Show respect to the person who is speaking.

Be kind and nice to everyone.

Be a good friend to everyone. If someone is sad cheer them up.

Always persevere to climb your own Mount Everest.

Treat people how you wish to be treated.

Be honest and trustworthy.

Believe in yourself and others.