Hi Year 5,  

How are you all?  

It is not getting easier being without you all in school and we are all looking forward to having you all back together 

I am really grateful to those children who are sharing their home experiences with me through email and twitter. It doesn’t have to be just school work, it can be anything that you have been up to that you would like to share. Please email it to year5@eastbierleyprimary.com or tweet us @eastbierleyPS 

Thank you to those who are completing online learning whether it be MyMaths, TTRockstars, SpellingShed or Kahoot. There is also lots of story writing and reading going on which is lovely to see. I hope you are all keeping active and healthy too, have you continued to do the Joe Wickes workout or go for walks and bike rides? 

Could you challenge yourself this week? Maybe have a go at something you haven’t tried before such as baking or reading a new book? The theme for this week is famous and significant people which I think you will enjoy! I look forward to hearing all about it.

In school, we have been practising our times tables up to 12 and are working towards beating our class time of 1 minute and 18 seconds, can you challenge yourself to do the same? We have also been reading the new J.K. Rowling book, The Ickabog, in guided reading. Could you have a go at this and maybe review the chapters so far? 

We really are missing you all but I am sure you are looking after yourselves and your family and staying safe and happy.  

Miss Williams, Mrs Robson and Mrs Webb 

Weekly Maths Tasks

What different calculations can you create when adding and subtracting the numbers 111, 8276, 529, 18391, 9238 and 4163? Make sure you check it is correct using the inverse operation. 

CHALLENGE: Can you make some decimal numbers and add these to one of the whole numbers? 

Play this online addition and subtraction game. You can play it more than once to see if you can reach the top score. 
Play this missing box addition game or missing box subtraction game. You can work on the level that adds/subtracts 3 digits by clicking on the orange three. Can you make your own addition/subtraction calculations like this?  
Roll a dice and make a 6 digit number (target number). If you do not have a dice, make up a 6 digit number. Write 2 addition and 2 subtraction calculations where the answer is the target number given. You can make this easier by reducing the number of digits in the target number.  
Find out when each of your family members were born and record this. Add all of the years up together and find a total. Add up the years from the same generation - which decade has the most/least members? You could do a similar task using the dates of famous people of your choice 
In school we have been looking at equivalent fractions. Perhaps you could provide your child with similar fractions and ask them to see if they can find similar ones.

Complete 10 Studio and 10 Garage games on TTRockstars.  

 Complete weekly MyMaths tasks, Place value beyond 10,000 and Rounding Decimals. If you have completed these, there are other tasks on there too. 

Play on Hit the ButtonGuardians: Defenders of Mathematica or complete some Corbett Maths tasks 


Weekly Reading Tasks

Which famous person would you like to find more about? Does a member in your household know about them? Do you have any books on them? Could you do some research about them using the internetGet an adult to create some questions for you to answer and tell us all about them!    
Read a newspaper article, this could be online through First News on our website or a paper copy, about a famous person. What can you tell about the person from the language used? Does the article criticise them or is it complimentary – how do you know? 
Click here for a reading comprehension activity about a famous botanist. Challenge yourself to read the text in under 3 minutes and complete the comprehension questions.  
Visit Ducksters and choose a person that interests you to read about. Can you record 10 facts you have discovered?  
Character profile. Create a profile about a famous book character e.g. Harry Potter, Matilda Wormwood or Percy Jackson. Some ideas can be found here 
Visit Toppsta to review and win free books! 

Weekly Spelling Tasks

Practise Year 5 and 6 spellings on Spelling Frame. Use a dictionary to clarify any unfamiliar vocabulary.  
Choose five Common Exception words hereWrite the meaningsynonyms (word with the same/similar meaning) and antonyms (word that has the opposite meaning) for each word.  
Create a mind map with vocabulary that you associate with the following significant people: The Queen, Guy FawkesHelena Lucas and Rosa ParksYou could continue to then do this for some famous people of your choice. 
Can you complete this segment puzzle (click Spelling Tiles) which focuses on words ending in: -able, -ible, -ably and -ibly? 
Pick five Common Exception words from the Year 5/6 spelling list here. Can you represent each word as a picture?  
Visit SpellingShed to complete tasks and play games.  

Weekly Writing Tasks

Visit the Literacy Shed for this wonderful resource on The Clocktower or you could write a letter/email to an important family member updating them on events from the last few weeks.  
Using the words FAMOUS PEOPLE, write an acrostic poem about significant British people in history or some significant people of your choice. This may help BBC famous people 

Listen to Martin Luther King’s speech I Have a Dream. Write your own speech about your dreams. Try to use the same techniques such as repetition, personification and powerful verbs.
Create an information report about a significant/famous person of interest. You may choose a famous author, athlete, popstar or even a local hero such as a doctor or nurse. Include: birthplace, what they’re most famous for, significant events/achievements and any other interesting facts.  
Following on from the above task, write in role as that person and create a short autobiography of their life. Think about the person’s emotions during key parts of their life. 
The Young Writers creative writing competition has now been extended to the 24th July. If you would like to enter, click here.  We have already seen some fabulous entries!


Learning Project - to be completed through the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about famous or significant people. Learning may focus on past or present inventors, explorers or scientists and how they influence society today.  


  • Famous Brits- Lots of significant people in history have been British. Emmeline PankhurstGuy Fawkes and Mary Anning are just a few. Research one of these or another famous Brit of your choice. You could create a fact file, a presentation, a chronological report of their life or present your research in any way you like.  


  • The Queen’s Speech- The Queen spoke to the nation on Sunday 5th April from Windsor Castle. She had an important speech to deliver where she wanted to thank people for what they were doing and to give hope that things would eventually return to normal. Think about what you would say if you had to speak to the nation? What messages of hope would you want to give to your friends and family? You could write your speech or record yourselves delivering your speech. Remember to tweet a video of your speech using #TheLearningProjects.


  • Inspiration for Inventors-  These inventors  talk about where they found the inspiration for their inventions. What problems do you face in your daily life? What inventions would make your life easier? How could your turn your idea into a product? Create a mind map with ideas of how you could solve your problem before designing and annotating a product. You may even want to make a prototype or test parts of your design to see if it would work.  


  • Significant to Me- Discuss a person who is significant to you with someone at home. This could be a famous person who has inspired you or someone who has made a positive impact on you from your everyday life. Discuss the attributes that this person has - why are they inspiring? Ask someone at home to share someone who is significant to them and how they have influenced them. You may wish to draw a portrait of this person. 


  • What it Takes- Watch this interview with Paralympic gold medallist Helena Lucas. In this interview, it talks about the dedication needed to be a successful sportsperson. Challenge yourself to set a goal to work on every day. You could create a poster outlining your goal and the steps you will take each day to work towards it. You may want to include steps you will take when you return to school.  

STEM Learning Opportunities

Sophia Barnacle 

  • Sophia was a British inventor who invented the Helter-skelter in 1907.  Try using junk box material to make your own helter-skelter or marble run.  
  • Try and make a run that takes exactly 60 seconds for the marble to complete the run.  
  • To find out more about building your own marble run click here. 

Kahoot Pins for this week

Factors, Multiples and Primes - 01091597 

Earth - 01290358 

Reading Comprehension - 0368764 


Previous Kahoots still available as I know you enjoy them!
Prime and Composite numbers – 05972503 

Forces – 08315692 

Materials – 01335825 

Homophones – 06633706 

Place value with rounding – 08516172 

Adjectives and Adverbs – 03501165 

Properties of Materials – 05629467 

Capital letters – 09048789 

SPaG Year 5 – 02244536 

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages – 03371227 

Sentence structures – 08013301 

Earth and Space – 02366116 

Negative numbers – 04715734 

Parenthesis –05854327

Shapes – 02332864

Guided reading – 04685041

Growth and fixed mindset – 05122823

Graphs – 03913851

Great Britain – 07991896

Numbers – 05662689

Relative clauses - 0988091

Daily Calculation - 0411924

Sport (you may want help from an adult with this one!) – 02204452

Rainforest – 01073812

Poems – 02963901

Fractions - 08964926

Additional Learning Resources

BBC Bitesize - Lots of videos and learning opportunities for all subjects.

Classroom Secrets Learning Packs - Reading, writing and maths activities for different ages.

Twinkl - Click on the link and sign up using your email address and creating a password. Use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS.

White Rose Maths online maths lessons. Watch a lesson video and complete the worksheet (can be downloaded and completed digitally).

Times Table Rockstars and Numbots. Your child can access both of these programmes with their school logins. On Times Table Rockstars, children should aim to play Soundcheck for 20 minutes daily.

IXL online. Click here for Year 5  There are interactive games to play and guides for parents.

Mastery Mathematics Learning Packs. Take a look at the mastery mathematics home learning packs with a range of different activities and lessons.

Y5 Talk for Writing Home-school Booklets are an excellent resource to support your child’s speaking and listening, reading and writing skills.

J2Code – A range of activities to explore computing and coding. There are short lesson activities but also the opportunity to be more creative within the ‘JIT’ Platform.

https://app.gonoodle.com/ - Website with videos that encourage exercise with guided dances as well as videos to help with mindfulness.