Hello Year 4,

We are apparently past the peak of the virus so it may be a little while longer until we see each other in Year 4.

If you haven’t been doing much writing at home, your muscles in your hands and fingers may have forgotten what to do. Have a practise at home writing a few sentences every day in your best handwriting to get your finger muscles strong again. You could write sentences using some of the tricky spelling words you have been practising. Or you could try and write a creative paragraph about a video or picture.

Here is a good video to write about. It’s an award winning film called Piper made by Pixar the creators of Toy Story. If I was writing about this film, I would only write about the first minute as I would try to include lots of description about the setting.


If you are still stuck for ideas, watch this video by Jane Considine to help you get some ideas.


Start to practise some maths every day. Even if it is just writing out your times tables, it will help you to remember.

If you want a good challenge, have a look at the Whiterose Maths lessons. They have lessons, activities and answers for you to mark your own work. You could show all your workings in your exercise book with a Roman numerals date and title just like you would at school.


Whatever you decide to do try to tweet school @eastbierleyPS because we would all love to see what you have been up to. You can also email school at year4@eastbierleyprimary.com.

Keep yourselves safe and look after the people around you. We are missing you lots and look forward to seeing you back at school soon!

Mr Booth, Mrs Blakeley and Mrs Dent

Any learning that you do at home, please take a picture and email it to us at year4@eastbierleyprimary.com or tweet us @eastbierleyPS

Weekly Maths Tasks

Get your child to watch this video explaining coordinates and how to plot them using the x-axis first, then the y-axis.
Set up a treasure hunt in your home/garden. Ensure your child knows where the origin (0,0) is and ask them to take 4 steps to the right and 7 steps forward to find the ‘treasure’ at (4,7). Change your instructions so you are just saying the coordinate and children have to move to the position independently.
Ask your child to play Alien Attack using the first quadrant. Can they describe the positions of the alien spaceships? Then encourage them to play ‘Hit the Coordinate’ to practise plotting coordinates on a grid.
Set up a Times Table relay race. Can your child run lengths of a space and count in their times tables forwards and backwards?
Can your child identify the average temperatures in these Olympic-hosting countries and then order them? France, Germany, Canada, Norway and Russia.
Have a look out of your window or when you are on a walk at car registration plates. Add or multiply the numbers together. My car has 63 on the number plate so I could say 9 (6+3) or 18 (6x3). Whoever says the number first is the winner.
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07675199 Year 4 Mental Maths

07112330 Year 4 Multiplication

Weekly Reading Tasks

Encourage your child to read for enjoyment- perhaps in the garden for a change. Or complete some reading comprehension activities- here are some all about British female athletes.
Visit Worldbookonline eBooks using Username: wbsupport and Password: distancelearn. Search for the title Play Sports! and ask your child to read the eBook. Encourage them to complete the activities at the back of the book.
Research and read online with your child about The Olympics. Which sport/s would they like to try? Why? Write 10 facts about The Olympics.
Listen to these BBC children’s sport podcasts. Or your child can look through newspapers/ magazines and list all of the sporting vocabulary they find.
Write a review on Toppsta of a book you have read this week. You could always put on a review of a book that you have read before. Why not check in your bedroom for old books that you have read that you could do a review for.
Ask your child to read this extract from Quiz Whiz Sport. Encourage them to answer the questions on each page and record these in full sentences.

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04767278 – Year 4 Guided Reading 1

06002397 – Year 4 Guided Reading 2

06105638 – Year 4 Guided Reading 3

Weekly Spelling Tasks

Task your child with choosing 5 sporting activities that they’re unsure of how to spell and encourage them to learn to spell them. Can they apply these words into sentences?
Practise spelling these words: myth, gym, Egypt, pyramid, mystery. Can your child identify the spelling rule? (The ‘ɪ’ sound spelt ‘y’ elsewhere than at the end of words).
Alphabetical order: List each letter of the alphabet and ask your child to think of a sport related word that corresponds with each letter.
Rainbow words. Choose 5 Common Exception words and choose different colours to write each letter and create rainbow words.
This activity is just a bit of fun I did at home with my family. We had to find an item in the house beginning with every letter of the alphabet. It had to be small enough to fit in the photo though. Here is our collection of items and our list to prove we found something with every letter.
Proofread writing tasks from this week. Your child can use a dictionary to check any spellings that they’re unsure of using the first2/3 letters of the word.

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05382907 – Year 4 Spag 1

0604168 – Year 4 Spag 2

03818880 – Year 4 Prefixes

Weekly Writing Tasks

Visit the Literacy Shed for this wonderful resource on The Catch. Or, your child could write their very own celebration song.
Ask your child to choose a sports person they admire. Get them to write a list of questions they would like to ask them. They could answer in role as their hero. Ensure your child uses a range of question words.
Your child could devise their very own sport, including rules, equipment needed and a scoring system. Why not test the sport out?
Encourage your child to continue this story starter (right of site) and write their own Underwater Olympics story using this picture as a stimulus.
Ask your child to choose a sport, which is popular in another country, and write their own set of instructions for how to play that particular sport.
Have a look out of your window or when you are on a walk at car registration plates. What words can you make using the letters? You can add more letters to help. This photo has V E L P. So I could say “envelope” because that word has a V, E, L and a P in it. You could also have fun with a mnemonic. A mnemonic is where each word begins with one of the letters such as “Very Elegant Lemurs Pause”
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09214255 – Year 4 Word Classes

04377250 - Apostrophes


Learning Project - to be completed through the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about sports and games. Learning may focus on the history of sport, sporting-heroes, physical challenges and performance.

Our Sport Heroes- How many famous sports people can your child name? Ask them to choose a sports person and research online about them. Can they find out how and when they started their career, or any other interesting facts about them? Encourage your child to create a timeline that details all of the achievements of their sporting hero.

Tissue Paper Sports Logo - Ask your child to use scrunched up tissue and paint to recreate the logo for their favourite sport team or design and create their own sport logo, perhaps for their school team. Your child could sketch this with pencils as an alternative.

Super Movers! - Encourage your child to take part in this football themed Super Movers! There are two levels - Super Movers are a great way to keep active and have fun! Try Go Noodle and dance along to one of their routines - there’s plenty to choose from and the whole family can join in! Remember to tweet a video of their workout #TheLearningProjects. Your child could design a poster encouraging others to take part in sporting activities. Ask them how they would persuade others to join in. What type of words could they use? Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week.

Sharing Sport Interests - Encourage your child to ask different family members about their favourite sports and any sports they took part in growing up - were they a part of any clubs? Did they take part in any competitions? Did they win any trophies? They might find out something new about their family members! Following this, can your child use the information to write a newspaper report recounting one the memorable events? They could include quotes from the interview.

Powerful Paralympians - You could explore diversity in sport with your child. Ask your child to find out about the Paralympic games and famous paralympians such as Ellie Simmonds. How have these people overcome challenges to represent their country in their chosen sport? They could write a letter/email to a chosen athlete and ask them questions about their sporting journey. Or they could draw a detailed sketch of the athlete during a winning moment.

STEM Learning Opportunities

Body Facts or Body Fiction

Have a look at the body facts or body fiction worksheet here.

Use a ruler or tape measure to find out if your foot is as long as your forearm or your height is the same as your arm span. The complete resource can be downloaded here.

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057877 – 1980s Britain – What can you remember from our topic?

04714485 – Anglo Saxons

05366989 – The Water Cycle

05366989 – The Holy Trinity

04302887 – Y4 RE Islam

Additional Learning Resources

BBC Bitesize - Lots of videos and learning opportunities for all subjects.

Classroom Secrets Learning Packs - Reading, writing and maths activities for different ages.

Twinkl - Click on the link and sign up using your email address and creating a password. Use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS.

White Rose Maths online maths lessons. Watch a lesson video and complete the worksheet (can be downloaded and completed digitally).

Times Table Rockstars and Numbots. Your child can access both of these programmes with their school logins. On Times Table Rockstars, children should aim to play Soundcheck for 20 minutes daily.

IXL online. Click here for Year 4. There are interactive games to play and guides for parents.

Mastery Mathematics Learning Packs. Take a look at the mastery mathematics home learning packs with a range of different activities and lessons

Y4 Talk for Writing Home-school Booklets are an excellent resource to support your child’s speaking and listening, reading and writing skills