Hi Year 2,

I hope you have all had another good week at home and have had fun learning all about your family. We would love to see some of the results from your family learning project. You could tweet us @eastbierleyPS with some photos or email me on our new class email address of year2@eastbierleyprimary.com . We have missed you in school! It's been very quiet but we are so glad that you are safe at home.

I have been looking on our online platforms to see which of you have been using MyMaths, Numbots, TTRS and Spelling Shed. If you haven't had chance to do some PE each day, have a look at Joe Wicks workout that he does at 9am every morning – I’m hoping he will get to 1 million views one day this week! You can now access a wide range of reading books online through Rising Stars, we use these books in class so you will be familiar with them. There is a selection of different books to choose from such as Lift Off, Rocket Phonics, Comet Street Kids and Galaxy. The books are closely linked to the coloured book bands in school. There are quizzes and questions throughout the books, look for the thought bubble at the bottom of the page and a quiz at the end. There are also questions for you to talk through the book. Click here to register with a grown-up's email address. Enter your name when registering, let us know how you get on and maybe you could do a book review about the books you have read!

This week it is the school holidays so I hope you have lots of fun and try to relax as much as you can. If you want to complete some work, it will be all about the area we live in and becoming little explorers. Most activities are crafty and involve drawing and colouring so I look forward to seeing all your lovely artwork. There are some Kahoots available looking at addition and subtraction in maths, forming suffixes and prefixes correctly in SPaG and habitats of animals in science.

Keep yourselves safe and look after the people around you,

We look forward to hearing from you all.

Miss Papamichael

Learning Project - to be completed through the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about the area in which they live. Learning may focus on your local area, famous people, key landmarks and links to our local city – this could be East Bierley, Kirklees, Bradford or West Yorkshire.

To develop knowledge of the location of significant places: Ask your child to look at where they live. What can they see outside the window in the front of their house? At the back of their house? What could they find near them? Find a map and see if they can find Yorkshire. Do they know the name of their street? Can they create a street sign with their street name?

My address: Support your child to find out your address. Can they find the number on your door? Can they write the number in digits and words? Can they write the number using crayons and paint?

Write a postcard: Can they write a postcard or letter to Miss Papamichael using the school address? They could tell me about where they live and things about their local area, could you tell me about any animals you have seen around where you live and any shops or local building there are nearby? This webpage might help.

My house:  Discuss with your child what their house looks like inside and outside? How many bedrooms does it have? Who has the biggest bedroom? Who has the smallest? Ask them to look outside their window and see if they can spot a house different to their own. Can they draw their house? How many windows at the front? How many windows at the back? Do you have one door or two?

Find you house on ‘Google maps’: Search for your house on the street? Can you find East Bierley, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Compass: Make a compass. Do you know what the different compass points mean? Can you label the points?

Create a passport: create an individual passport to show your own information about where you live. Discuss the use of a Passport. What is a passport? What information does it contain? What does a passport allow you to do?  Can you find a real life passport? Do you have one?

Flag: Here is the Yorkshire flag. What do you think the flag represents? Can you design your own flag for your local area? What could you add? What would they mean to you?

Design your perfect house: Can you make a model of your house and a model of your ideal house? Discuss the similarities and differences between your house and the one you have designed. What is the same and why did you keep it the same? What is different and why did you decide to create it?

Create a song about ‘Where you live’ - Can you add your address in your song? Please do not share this with us on Twitter.

Can you find the UK on the map? Can you name the countries? You can find some map based activities here. Why do you think the Countries begin with a capital letter? This song may help.

Weekly Maths Tasks

Working on Numbots - you have an individual login to access this.

Play on The Mental Maths Train Game -  practise adding and subtracting.

Recognise the place value for numbers up to 99 in this place value basketball game.

Can you create a card game that is based round making numbers bonds to 100 that you can play as a family?

Write the numbers 0 - 50 in words and digits using different artistic ways.

Adding and subtracting numbers using household objects and creating a number machine on a piece of paper.

Draw column headers on a piece of paper and use household objects to help you solve addition and subtraction involving a two digit number and tens (17+20) and a two digit number and a two digit number (14+22).

Kahoot pins:

Addition and Subtraction (1 digit / 1 digit) – 09539238

Addition and Subtraction (2 digit / 1 digit) - 09034621

Addition and Subtraction (2 digit / tens) - 06007662

Addition and Subtraction (tens) - 01037148

Weekly Reading Tasks

Reading a variety of books at home. You could share a book every day. This can be reading a book aloud every day or sharing a book with an adult.

Listen to a story read: https://www.storylineonline.net/

Watch Newsround and find out what is happening in the world. What did you find out? Is there anything you need help understanding?

Read Chapter 3 of George’s Marvellous Medicine. This is available to read online if you do not have the book. Discuss the illustrations and complete the Kahoot guided reading quiz using the pin below.

Guided Reading – Inference – 08362845

Guided Reading – Recap Comprehension – 03395577

Create a mask of one of the characters from ‘Georges Marvellous Medicine. Can you hot seat the character?

Weekly Spelling Tasks

Daily phonics - your child to practice their sounds and blend words. Interactive games found on link below.  Phonics play  Top Marks Spelling

Practice spelling Year 1 and 2 common exception words Spelling City

Point to an item in the house, practice sounding out the word and blending back together. (i.e. train would be tr-ai-n)

Weekly Writing Tasks

Ask your child to Imagine that they live in the opposite house. What would they see? Write sentences using a variety of adjectives and suffixes.

Write your address: Discuss with your child. Do they know who delivers the post? Share a letter with them and explore the envelope from the front and back. Can they see any numbers on the front or back of the envelope? What do they mean? Who is the letter addressed to?  Ask your child to write their address on the envelope. Discuss the postcode and any capital letters?

Well known addresses:  Discuss with your child any well-known addresses of book characters/famous people/ historical figures they may know? e.g. 10 Downing Street, The Post Office, Isle of Struay Katie Morag. This Powerpoint may help.

Write a letter to the Queen or to school and post it on one of your daily exercise walks

Other Learning Resources

Additional phonics support can be found here:


Kahoot PINs

Comparing the UK and Brazil – 03414084

Living things and their habitats – 01642050

Human and Physical features of geography – 06897420

Phonics Phase 3 recap – 07160512

Prefixes and Suffixes – 04038091