Dear Year 1,  

I thoroughly enjoyed handing out your reports and getting to see you all in person. I cannot believe we are almost at the end of the school year already, but I know you will all continue to be superstars in Year 2.  

The theme for this week’s learning is Celebrations. Take a look below and see which challenges you fancy completing. There are lots of opportunities to practise the months of the year and chances for you to reminisce about past celebrations with your family. If you complete any of the tasks, please email me using or by tweeting @eastbierleyPS. 

Remember to keep accessing NumbotsMymaths, Spelling Shed and TTRockstarsI do check to see who has been on! You may also like to complete the Kahoots below. 

Have a super week! 

Miss Sowray 



Money recognition - 01749574 

Tricky words - 07336827 

Weekly Maths Tasks

Lay out each of the different types of coins (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2) on the tables in any order. Can your child name each of the coins and write down their values? Can they order the coins from smallest to the largest value?   
Get your child to have a go at these money gamesCoin Game and Toy Shop. Make your own shop with things from around the house and use real coins so your child can practice counting out money. 
Get the different kinds of coins and encourage your child to think of different ways they could be sorted - ask them about the shapes, sizes, colours etc. How many different ways can they sort the coins? Also, ask them whether the size of the coin affects their value - e.g. Is 2p more than 5p because it is bigger?  
Can you complete some coin rubbings to help you to become familiar with what the different coins look like? 
On a calendar, go through and write down when different family members birthdays are or when special events are happening in your family. Which month/months has the most/least birthdays/events? Your child can make a bar chart or pictogram to show how many birthdays there are in your family for each of the months. You could use j2code to help you. 

Weekly Reading Tasks

Log on to Reading Planet and read Celebration Assembly’. Can you answer the quiz questions? Can you design a kindness award? If you are yet to registerregister here. 
Read the story Kipper’s Birthday. Talk to your child about the similarities and differences with their own birthday celebrations.  
Show your child some celebration cards that they have received in the past. Ask them to read the messages out loud, including any poems/verses.  
Your child can create a celebration book of their own for their own home library. This could be about one celebration or lots of celebrations. 
With a grown-up’s supervision, can you review or enter a competition to win a book on Toppsta? 


Weekly Phonics and Spellings Tasks

Play ‘Rub it out’. Write some of the phase 5 sounds in pencil on a piece of paper. Say a word containing one of the sounds. Can you child rub out the sound(s) the word contains? You could also play using phase 5 words. 
Before your child starts their writing task, ask them to choose a celebration and mind map all of the words that they associate with it.  
Write the months of the year on pieces of paper and ask your child to order them. What special celebrations occur in each month? 
Ask your child to practise writing the letters of the alphabet in lower case and as capital letters. Can you make your own matching pairs game? 


Weekly Writing Tasks

Read Staying Home’ together. Afterwards, ask your child to write their own version of the story based on their experience of staying at home. They could draw illustrations to match.  
Ask your child to write a diary entry recounting a celebration that they have taken part in. If this is too tricky, they could draw a series of pictures about the event and write a sentence for each picture.  
Can your child write a menu for a special celebration? It could be Christmas dinner or a Diwali feast? Remind them to include dessert and drinks. What could the menu look like? If you have access to a PC, your child could practice their computing skills by typing the menu up.  
Ask your child to write a poem for the ‘Crafty Card Making’ (see learning project). Talk to them first about what they want to poem to say. Can they make the poem rhyme? Encourage them to write this up in their best handwriting. 
Can you write your letter to your new class teacher? Remember to tell them all about what you have been up to!  


Learning Project - to be completed through the week

This project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about celebrations. Learning may focus and different types of celebrations that take place and who may celebrate them. It could look at how people celebrate different events differently in other parts of the world.  


  • Crafty Card Making- Ask your child to create a celebration card for a family member. This could be for a birthday, a religious celebration or just for being them! What will they put on the front? Can they use different materials to design their celebration card? Your child could practice their handwriting skills and neatly write the address on the envelope, ready to be posted.  


  • Party Preparation- Tell your child that they are going to become party planners. They can plan a party for a person of their choice. Ask them to write a guest list for the party, design an invitation and make a list of things that they will need (e.g. banners and balloons). They could even choose songs to play and write a shopping list for the buffet.   


  • Let’s Celebrate- Gather the family and sing the song ‘Celebration’: Can you add actions to the dance? Could you have a concert and perform to your family and friends? Record the performance and watch it back as a family- what could be even better about the performance?    


  • How I Celebrate- Your child can watch these videos about different celebrations. Following this, provide them with a list of the months of the year. Can they list celebrations from around the world and match the months in which they are celebrated? Then ask your child to list what, if anything, they celebrate each month in a different colour. Which celebration do they enjoy most? Why? They could also match the celebration to the season e.g.  


             Autumn: Diwali, Bonfire Night, Harvest Festival , Hanukkah  

             Winter: Christmas, New Year 

             Spring: Holi, Easter, Mother’s day  

             Summer: Father’s day, EID, Vesak 


  • A New Celebration  Can you create a new celebration? What would it celebrate and how?