Welcome to our new school year. We are excited about our plans for this year and are looking forward to seeing everyone again. We will share our class expectations with you at the class meetings, the dates of these were shared last school term and are on the website. Key dates will be emailed out to you shortly.

We are planning some changes to our reports this year. We will send out details soon so you know what to expect.

We are thrilled to be extending our enrichment afternoons and adding enhancement sessions. Every 3 weeks, children in years 1-6 will participate in both. In one, they will have the chance to participate in dance and performing arts and will have specific feedback time for core subjects wiith their class teacher. In the other they will take part in competitive sports and focus on key skills for art, DT and computing. We will continue with the daily mile as we move into this school year after successfully trialling it last term.

A reminder that year 3 and year 5 have swapped classrooms this year meaning year 3 will be let out at the front of school.

We hope you will join us extending  warm welcome to our new staff. We welcome Mr Booth who will be teaching year 5 and Mrs Clark who is our Year 2 teacher. Mrs Metcalf is joining our team in the office.