We want your unwanted cameras!

A child writes in their workbook

Do you have an unused, unloved digital camera sitting lonely in a cupboard, yearning to be used again?

We are looking for a number of digital cameras to be used in school to record and showcase children’s work and achievement.

If you have an unloved, unwanted digital camera taking up room in your cupboards or drawers, and would like to find it a new home, we will be accepting donations in school over the next two weeks.

Please hand in your cameras to the school office. Thank you in advance for your support!

A child writes in their workbookAll donations will be gratefully received, although there are a few important points that we need to make you aware of:

  1. Once donated, cameras become the property of East Bierley CE (VC) Primary School and cannot be returned (if we have multiple donations, we might not know which camera came from which parent).
  2. Cameras should be in working condition with no obvious external damage (safe for children and staff to handle).
  3. Please make sure you remove any memory cards from your camera before making a donation, and wipe any photos stored on internal memory. We are unable to return any memory cards not removed before we receive them and all contents will be deleted.
  4. Cameras should be donated with their rechargeable batteries in place, and charged if possible to allow for testing (we need to make sure the camera works)
  5. If after testing a camera is not suitable for use in school (damaged, unable to be safely charged etc) then we will recycle the camera with a professional recycling company. Any funds received from camera recycling will be retained by the school for use on additional resources.
  6. If we receive more donations than we can use in school, surplus stock will be recycled and any funds received will be retained by the school for use on additional resources.