SATs Results

Children and staff worked exceptionally hard to prepare for SATs. The papers were very challenging. former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan stated, "This is the first year we have assessed pupils under the new more rigorous system and it is no surprise that this year's results look different to previous years." So we cannot compare the results with previous results but can compare with the national average. I am sure you will agree our results are a pleasing start to the new assessment system and curriculum. Well done to all the children and a huge thank you to the staff for all their hard work.

Key Stage 2 Results
Tests taken in summer 2016 by Year 6.

Reading 70% (national average 66%)
Writing 70% (74%)
Spelling and Grammar 70% (72%)
Mathematics 70% (70%)
Combined result** 57% (53%)

**This is the percentage of children who attained national average or better results in reading, writing and maths.

Average Progress score
Reading -0.4
Writing 1.1
Maths 0.1

Average Scaled Score

Subject                         East Bierley        National
Reading                               103                     103
SPAG                                    102                     104
Mathematics                       104                     103


Ofsted Performance Tables

You can compare school performance on the government's "Compare School's" performance tables website.