Our Core Values:

Respect, Courage, Friendship, Forgiveness and Trust

 Statement to live by:

I try to make the most of every day.



On behalf of the staff, children and governors of East Bierley CE (VC) Primary School, we welcome you to our school website and thank you for taking an interest in our school.

"We are all one big community:we come together all the time." Oran (Year 6).

"The school has a wonderful environment - it is a fabulous place to learn- and it has a fantastic community spirit." Aiza (Year 6).

Our aim is to making learning a lifelong passion.  We want the children of our school to be respectful and honest with a sound knowledge of right and wrong and the role they have in our school, local and wider community, both now and in the future.



  1. School term starts

    6 September @ 08:40 - 15:25
  2. Citizenship Week starts

    6 September @ 09:00 - 17:00
  3. Year 1 parent meeting at 2:55pm

    11 September @ 14:55 - 15:25
  4. Year 2 parent meeting at 2:55pm

    12 September @ 14:55 - 15:25
  5. Year 5 parent meeting at 2:55pm

    13 September @ 14:55 - 15:25
  6. Year 3 parent meeting at 2:55pm

    14 September @ 14:55 - 15:25