Internet Safety by Year 6

Over the last two weeks, we have been learning all about how to be safe on the Internet. We have been making posters about how to stay safe online (Block, Report & Tell a trusted adult). As a class we have also done drama in groups which we showed to Key Stage 2 in a special assembly- it was all about online safety. Miss Roberts & Mrs Harvey from BBG came in to speak to us about online safety and cyber bullying and we created acrostic poems on how to BE SAFE ONLINE.

Three steps of advice we would give to all children if they are having problems online would be:



Tell a trusted adult


Written by Oran & Evie  - Class 6

PC Whitehouse

PC Whitehouse is coming into school during the summer term to work with children in Year 6.  He will visit again in September to do some online safety work with Key Stage 2 classes.

By Abigail Y5