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Autumn 2 2018

A great first half term Year 6, well done! This half term we are focusing on The Great War to begin  with.  We will be writing diary entries from the perspective of a soldier and a biography of a war veteran. We will also be creating artwork using mixed medias. We will learn the  history of the war and  what is was like to be in a trench. 

Following this we will begin our topic animals including humans. We will look at the human body and how we look after it.  We will study the heart, how it is made up and the components that make up blood.  


In maths, we will practice a new method for long division, we will then look at order of operations and revisit our algebra topic. 

We are really looking forward to everything we have  planned  for you this half term, I hope you are ready for some hard work! 

Autumn 1 2018

Well the summer seems to have flown by and we are back to September already! I hope you have had an amazing break and made sure you had plenty of rest as we have eight weeks of hard work to get through and we cannot wait to get started!

We will begin our term by thinking about our aspirations for the future. We will think about what career options there are for us and which skills we will have to develop to help us to get there. We have an exciting afternoon planned for the 7th September which you will find out about over the next few days. 

I know you loved our class novels in Year 5; Mrs Moxon has chosen our first class text for this year - Wonder by R J Palacio. You will do some English work based around this book with Mrs Moxon on a Thursday and Friday. Your other English sessions will link to our topic – ‘We’ve got the Power!’ and ‘Dragonology’.

I bet you can’t wait to start Times Table Olympics again, I know how much you all love the challenge and Mrs Moxon is eager to see how well you all do so I hope you have been practising on TTRockstars over the holidays!

Now that we are Year 6, we need to set an example to the rest of the school and we also need to stay on top by keeping up with Spelling Shed, TTRockstars and MyMaths so let’s make sure we do our homework every week please!

Year 6 curriculum 2017-18


Our Class Agreement

Treat people how you would like to be treated.

Respect other people, property and our environment

Be resilient and try your best

Think before you speak.

Be yourself.