Our Curriculum

Autumn 1


During our English lessons over this half term, we will be reading a selection of texts relating to our topic theme of ‘A Wonderful World,’ starting with The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. We will use this as a basis to develop our writing and sentence structure. We will begin by writing lists, labels and captions before moving on to sentences and looking at stories with familiar settings towards the end of term.

As part of our Phonics learning, we will be revising sounds made by two or three letters that were taught in Reception and practising reading and spelling phase 3 and 4 high frequency words.

In Maths we will be going back to basics and looking at place value and counting and ordering numbers. Following on from this, we will complete a range of practical activities linked to addition and subtraction. For example, adding amounts by combining groups of objects and using the number line to support counting on from a given number.

This half term we will begin our topic titled ‘A Wonderful World.’ We will link this topic to the places children have visited over the summer. In Geography, we will find out about places that people visit, the different types of transport used and the type of activities people do on holiday. In History we will learn about transport and the first aeroplane flight. In Art we will be looking at the work of the artist George Seurat and use his work as inspiration to create our own paintings. At the start of term, I would like the children to think about some questions they would like to have answered over the course of this topic; children are also very welcome to bring in any souvenirs or postcards from the places they have visited over the summer to share in class.

In RE we will be answering the question – Why are stories important?

Our PE days this half term are Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  But please make sure PE kit is kept in school as we will also be participating in competitive sporting afternoons competing with Year 2!


  • On a Friday your child will bring home the phonics sounds and high-frequency words which have been taught during the week. Please practice these as often as you can.
  • You will also receive talk homework on a Friday which will let you know what we will be learning the following week. This may include some key questions which can be answered in the homework book.
  • Suggested additional homework will also be available.
  • Please can homework books be handed back in on the following Friday.

Our Class Agreement

We will always show respect for everyone and everything.

We will always look after things in our classroom and share these with each other.

We will always choose kind words to say and use kind hands.

We will listen to adults and other children.

We will take turns to speak and put our hands up.