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Miss C Shaw  Mrs J Winder

Miss Shaw is our class teacher

Mrs Winder supports us in class

Our Curriculum

Summer 2


By using our characters that we made from papier mache last half-term, we will create our own stories based on them. This will involve us carrying out lots of speaking and listening activities to spark our imaginations, as well as role-playing our stories as a way of rehearsing them before we write. We will aim to include a range of punctuation that we have focused on this year (capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks). As our final topic this year is based on ‘1000 years of British History’, many of our lessons will also be linked to our topic on George Stephenson, including looking at information texts about him. We will also present some of our work through ICT as well as handwritten tasks.


In preparation for Year 2, we will begin to look at some aspects of Phase 6 Letters and Sounds such as adding suffixes to root words and identifying some of the spelling patterns. We will continue to revisit sounds from previous phases and also further develop our sight vocabulary through lots of fun and interactive games.


We will mainly focus on the four calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), ensuring that we can confidently use a range of methods, including using the number line, as a way of solving one-step problems. These calculations will also incorporate other areas of maths such as money (e.g. adding amounts to find a total) and measures (e.g. length and capacity).


Have you heard of George Stephenson? This half-term we will discover who he was, why he became an important person in British history and even get to see some of his work  by visiting the National Railway Musuem.


This half-term, our P.E days are Tuesday with Velocity and Friday with Miss Shaw.



Summer 1


‘Once upon a crime’ is our topic title for this half-term. We will be begin the half-term by focusing on good and bad characters in familiar traditional tales and the crimes that take place in the traditional tales. Our focus will then move towards the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We will be looking closely at the character of the Evil Queen and writing about the crimes she commits throughout the story. The story will also provide us with good writing opportunities such as writing a setting description for the forest. We will also be looking at the story of Hansel and Gretel towards the end of the half-term and making comparisons between the Evil Witch from the story and the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


To link with our topic title ‘Once upon a crime’, we will be choosing a bad character from a range of traditional tales to make a papier mache model of. We will be using Julie Arkell as inspiration and combining the skill of papier mache and paint to make a classroom full of evil characters!

Towards the end of the half-term, we will be focusing on Australia as part of our whole-school One World Week. We will be exploring the similarities and differences of Australian culture, food, animals, weather and costal places compared to those in the U.K.


Some of the areas we will be covering in Maths this half-term include: recognising the values of coins and notes and using money as a context for calculations; quartering shapes, objects and quantities; solving time problems and continuing to build our fluency in recognising and sequencing numbers to 100. More information and example problem solving activities for each objective will be provided as part of weekly homework.


Our PE days this half term are Mondays and Tuesdays with Velocity. Please ensure that your child’s P.E kit is in school on the correct days and that hair is tied up please.



Spring 1


We will be continuing to develop our sentence writing skills this half-term and work on making sure that our sentences flow in order to create short stories. As our hook for this half-term is toys, some of the main texts that we will be using link to this theme. For example, Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs, Paper Dolls and Dogger. We will have the opportunity to retell some of the stories and also develop our own versions. Towards the end of the half-term, we will be creating a non-fiction text about old and new toys.

Our phonics focus is learning the alternative pronunciations for graphemes we already know. For example ‘ea’ in ‘sea’ can also make the ‘e’ sound in ‘head’.


Our topic theme this half-term is toys. The children have provided me with lots of questions that they would like to find out about such as what were toys like a long time ago and what countries do our favourite toys come from? Your child will be preparing some questions for you about your favourite toy as a child. We will also have the opportunity to bake Gingerbread Men which will lead into some creative writing.


In Maths we will be revisiting addition and subtraction in the context of a toy shop. We will also be focusing on different measurements such as length, height and capacity. We will explore finding a half and a quarter of objects and shapes and then move on to learning how we find a half and a quarter of amounts. The children will also learn how to divide by building on their prior learning of sharing equally. As in previous half-terms, Maths skills will be developed through lots of practical and pictorial work. To provide support with Maths at home, you could practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. You can also practise writing the numerals to 20 with accuracy and practise spelling their number names (4, four).


Our PE days this half term are Tuesday with Mr Myres and Friday with Miss Shaw. Please ensure that your child’s P.E kit is in school on the correct days and that hair is tied up please.


  • On a Friday your child will bring home the phonics sounds and high-frequency words which have been taught during the week. Please practice these as often as you can.
  • You will also receive talk homework on a Friday which will let you know what we will be learning the following week. This may include some key questions which can be answered in the homework book.
  • Suggested additional homework will also be available.
  • Please can homework books be handed back in on the following Thursday.

Our Class Agreement

  • We will always show good friendship by choosing kind words to say and by using kind hands.
  • We will always aim to try our best with our learning.
  • We will look after things in our classroom and around school and share these with each other.
  • We will listen carefully to adults and other children.
  • We will take turns to speak and put our hands up on the carpet.


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