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Mrs A Blakeley

Our Curriculum

Spring 2

We have had a busy half term since Christmas and it feels to have flown by! Thank you for the hard work you have put in over this half term – I hope you manage to rest during the break. Although next half term is a short one, we still have a lot to pack in! It is World Book Day during the first week back so be thinking about which character from your favourite book you will dress up as – I have a few ideas of my own already! I wonder if you can guess who I might be? We will start our English lessons by reading and unpicking poetry, reciting and performing poems and finish by writing our own poem. Our topic in Science is forces so we will also use the experiments we carry out to write explanation and instruction texts and a non-chronological report. We will research and experiment with air resistance, water resistance and friction. In our design and technology sessions, we will be designing and making products using levers, pulleys, gears and cams. Maths will be focussed on measure and shapes including reflecting and translating shapes and angles. We will also spend some time consolidating previously learnt areas. Over the break you may wish to begin researching some of the answers to the questions you have shared about our topic – bring any facts and share them on the first day back!

Have a lovely week off! Miss Tipple

Spring 1

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and had some time to rest after a long, hard term. I can’t wait to get back to it and start some a fantastic term off with a brilliant week focussed on Greece! It’s One World Week and each class will have a country to study. I love Greece so I can’t wait to explore with you all!

In English this half term we will be focussing on myths and legends. We will begin by looking at Ancient Greek myths before moving onto myths and legends from other cultures. We will use information from these stories to develop our own writing skills by practising a range of fiction and non-fiction genres.

In Maths, we will continue to practise previously learnt knowledge whilst also looking at statistics including solving comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in a line graph and completing, reading and interpreting information in tables, including timetables.

Our main topic this half term will be ‘Extreme Earth’ – the focus of this topic is physical geography. We will study natural disasters and how they affect Earth. We will look at volcanoes, how they are formed, where they are commonly found and how they erupt. We will also be looking at earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and tornadoes and the devastating effect that is caused when one of these disasters hit.

Autumn 2

Wow Amazing Festive Bake Off Year 5. We were so impressed.

We love investigating practically and we love that Miss Tipple joins in too.

I hope you have had a nice week off school. I am looking forward to hearing all about the things you have been up to! Thank you for working so hard last half term, I am really excited to start our new topic, I think you are going to love it!

In English this half term we will be writing a chronological report about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb. We will also be writing a diary entry from the perspective of Howard Carter. You may wish to get ahead by researching who these people are!

In Maths, we will be focussing on multiplication to begin with moving onto fractions, decimals and percentages later on in the half term.

Our topic this half term is Ancient Egypt. I know some of you are already really excited about this and are eager to begin learning so we will start our topic by plunging straight in and finding out all about life in Ancient Egypt. I look forward to seeing any extra homework you complete from our little book of things to do at home!

Autumn 1

Welcome back, I hope you have had a fantastic summer break and made plenty of time to relax! Now we are back it is time for the hard work to start!

We will begin the term with a focus on Citizenship. We will be reading ‘The BFG’ by Roald Dahl and using his story to create our own dreams based on our aspirations for the future.

Following this we will make a start to my favourite topic ‘Earth and Space’, all of our Science will link to this too, can you think of some questions you may have about Earth and Space which we could investigate in class?

In English, we will be writing a newspaper report following the 1969 moon landing. We will be writing some short stories based on science fiction, creating fact files and writing poetry linked to space.

In Art we will be looking at the artist Peter Thorpe and his work and create some of our own based on this.

This half term during our Maths lessons we will be revisiting the basics of place value, addition and subtraction.

Please keep PE kits in school all week as we have two PE sessions plus we will be participating in some competitive sport afternoons against Year 6! Please ensure hair canbe toed back and earrings removed for PE.

Clarinet lessons will be on Wednesdays.

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