• A reminder that, as per the last newsletter, Year 6 will be having the early lunch break on our return after half term. Year 3 will swap and will have a later lunch break instead going for lunch with years 4 and 5.  This will mean they are likely to be hungry before lunch time […]

  • Please follow us on Twitter @eastbierleyps where we include what is happening in school with maths and reading suggestions, local events you may wish to attend and online safety links.  We do retweet author and publisher giveaways – please feel free to do the same – we have been really lucky and had a lot […]

  • We have just finalised our training days for the next school year and will issue term dates (with training days) on our return to school in Spring 2 once they have been submitted to Kirklees. We aim to publish them on Tuesday 27th February 2018. For general term dates, please refer to the Kirklees site: […]

  • School will be celebrating this event by inviting children, if they wish, to wear pyjamas as a bedtime story theme or come to school dressed as their favourite book character. The children will take part in lots of related activities throughout the day linked to books and reading, in a fun and enjoyable way. Please look […]

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Term Dates 2017-18

Autumn 1: Wednesday 6th Sep - Friday 20th Oct
Autumn 2: Monday 30th  Oct - Thursday 21st Dec
Spring 1: Monday 8th Jan 2017 - Friday 16th Feb
Spring 2: Tuesday 27th Feb - Thursday 29th March
Summer 1: Monday 16th Apr - Friday 25th May
Summer 2: Tuesday 5th Jun - Tuesday 24th July


These dates include the training days:  4.9.17, 5.9.17, 22.12.17, 26.2.18, 4.6.18

Our School Day

07:40 Breakfast Club begins

08:40 Breakfast Club ends
08:40 Doors open for children

09:00 School day begins. All children to be in school before 9am.

11:45 EYFS and Key Stage One dinner (45 minutes)
12:35 Key Stage Two dinner (45 minutes)

15:25 School day ends
15:25 After school clubs begin

School Meals

Meals are provided by Kirklees Catering Service. For full information about our school meals, how to pay for them and eligibility for free school meals, click here.


PE News

Velocity Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Charging & Remissions Policy

The charging provision is determined under the guidelines set out in section 110 of the Education Reform Act 1988. Activities and visits taking place wholly or mainly in school time will be funded by requesting voluntary contributions. No child will be excluded from an activity if his or her parents are unable or unwilling to make a contribution; however, if sufficient voluntary contributions are not received then activities may have to be cancelled.

When voluntary contributions to fund a particular activity are sought, parents on low incomes or who feel they may be entitled to remission of costs should contact the Head Teacher privately.

Our charging and remissions policy is available on the policies page of the website.