• This week is road safety week – please take this opportunity to revisit road safety rules with your children.  Our year 2 have just had their street scene session so should be able to explain road safety to you.  All children have received road safety sessions in year 2 or 3 as they move through […]

  • Thank you to everyone who supported our Bedtime Story Event – staff, PTFA and parents who bought tickets for their children.  The event was lovely – it was so nice to see so many children and adults enjoying story books.  The time flew past! The children cheered to hear they would have time to hear […]

  • We still have no telephone lines, should you need to contact school in an emergency our number is: 07704525407 Thank you

  • We are sorry for the continued inconvenience caused by the ongoing phone problems – we are hoping the problem will be sorted out very soon. Please contact school via the office email addressed or using the mobile number that was texted out by school. We will let you know when the phone system is operational […]

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Term Dates 2018-19

Autumn 1: Wednesday 5th Sep - Friday 26th Oct
Autumn 2: Monday 5th Nov - Thursday 20th Dec
Spring 1: Monday 7th Jan 2019 - Thursday 14th Feb
Spring 2: Monday 25th Feb - Friday 12th April
Summer 1: Monday 29th Apr - Friday 24th May
Summer 2: Monday 3rd Jun - Friday 19th July

These dates include the training days: 3.9.18, 4.9.18, 21.12.18, 15.2.19, 22.7.19

Our School Day

07:40 Breakfast Club begins

08:40 Breakfast Club ends
08:40 Doors open for children

09:00 School day begins. All children to be in school before 9am.

11:45 EYFS and Key Stage One dinner (45 minutes)
12:35 Key Stage Two dinner (45 minutes)

15:25 School day ends
15:25 After school clubs begin

chool Meals

Meals are provided by Kirklees Catering Service. For full information about our school meals, how to pay for them and eligibility for free school meals, click here.

Charging & Remissions Policy

The charging provision is determined under the guidelines set out in section 110 of the Education Reform Act 1988. Activities and visits taking place wholly or mainly in school time will be funded by requesting voluntary contributions. No child will be excluded from an activity if his or her parents are unable or unwilling to make a contribution; however, if sufficient voluntary contributions are not received then activities may have to be cancelled.

When voluntary contributions to fund a particular activity are sought, parents on low incomes or who feel they may be entitled to remission of costs should contact the Head Teacher privately.

Our charging and remissions policy is available on the policies page of the website.